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by djchamike on February 21, 2013


The latest tablet from Microsoft is Surface Pro released recently. Many of the tablet users have much attraction towards Surface Pro due to its unique features compared to the others. Some say it is a competitor for iPad. But when considering it isn’t only an iPad alternative but also a new trend in everyday appliances replacing other tabs.

The reason why Surface Pro is very popular is it can be easily used for day to day school and profession utilization. The facility for documentation, editing images, ease of management of music, videos and other multimedia sources and so on have effected on Window’s new tablet PC.

The material the latest tablet from Microsoft has made of enhances the smart appearance of Surface Pro. Not only that the material can withstand different forces applied on it and can be used by anyone apparently, from an infant to a grown. The selection of the material has been contributed a yeoman service to the popularity of Surface Pro.

Seriously Surface Pro is a rival to MacBook Air, since Surface Pro tablet has many similarities compared to MacBook Air. The hardware wise the Windows tablet is somewhat weights than the other tablets it is 2 pounds, little bit heavier than MacBook Air. Also little bit thick than other tablets in half an inch. So the portability of surface is reconsidered. Though it is a touch tablet along with Surface Pro you can get a type keyboard, structured on mechanical keys. Actually considering the newest tablet from Microsoft Surface Pro is collaboration of a smart phone and a tablet PC. Its hardware configurations depicts the design of Surface is a mixture of both of these items.


Surface Pro is in dimensions of 10.81 x 6.81 x.53 in inches. The touch screen of Surface is 10.6 inch and is a 1080p capacitive touch screen, a HD display. This touch screen works with the touch pen pretty cool. That is because of its 10-point multi-touch and in-built Wacom digitizer. That is no need to mention that this has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, accelerometer and other stuffs we commonly find in a smart phone. Pro consist with dual core Core i5 processor with the speed of 1.7GHz along with a 4GB RAM. It’s on board SSD storage is available at either 64 or 128GB at the price of $899 and $999 respectively). We can also plug a 64 GB additional storage through micro SDXC slot to power up.

Surface Pro has both front and rear camera with 720 pixels. In addition to that it comprises of a headphone jack, a volume rocker, a kickstand, a microphone, stereo speakers and the port to power the keyboard. The new iPad rival has the connectivity through a mini display port to another monitor.


The operating system of Surface is windows 8, a standard installation and things hanging with that seems to be little bit disgusting. As a few applications are more useful for its users and the most of the Apps running obviously useless. If we need any other app we have to download it from Microsoft store or otherwise we have to search the Internet and get the app for Microsoft’s Surface Pro. The difference between the downloaded applications and the in built applications are the latter ones are running on the home screen like in iPad while the others are running on desktop environment. Since the in built applications are having the ability to work in the home screen they can have pretty god appearance than the applications downloaded.The interface of the OS the same as windows 8.

Due to the high resolution available in display the appearance of the display has been adjusted by DPI scaling. When the scaling is changed the icons get very smaller and it makes difficult to work with. The display being in bricks the ease of handling the tablet is easier, because the tablet is made of a touch screen it makes very easy to handle the Apps. If it isn’t in that interface the user may have to face a bit of difficulty to work with touch screen. So here Microsoft’s decision to handle that in that interface accumulates the popularity of Surface Pro.

The touch screen is really fascinating. The touch inputs really works cool with Surface Pro. Especially in a game these touch inputs worth a lot. Photoshop and other image editing soft wares can be easily handled through the touch screen input of the windows new tablet. The reason why Surface Pro is more popular is understood well in this case, making it a rival of iPad or MacBook air from Apple.

The new tablet has the typical battery life of 4 or 5 hours. It is said if it had a better battery life time than the current amount it was better. But that is comparable to thin laptops. That means the hardware configurations of Surface Pro is comparable to other tablet PCs. Because of that when comparing the battery life of Pro with others is not a good feature as I think.


The display has taken a key feature in Surface’s popularity. As the latest Pro has good text display, a sharp and wise selection by Microsoft is another sense makes Surface a dimension in tablet history. Not like other manufactures Microsoft has given a priority to its display as this time they have understood normally the users are troubling with the display.

Compared to the other tablets available in the market today Surface Pro is doing well than the others do. As it has higher hardware performances and user-friendly graphical interface especially suits for its unique display, the touch display Surface is becoming an outstanding emblem in the tablet market. That is seriously and critically effecting on the tablets. The performance it does is really excellent in many aspects. If you are a student or a professional Surface Pro is going to be the best selection for you.

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