From Smartphone to SmartWatch

by djchamike on October 17, 2012

Android powered Sony Smartwatch

The days are coming to say good-bye for the mobiles as smart watches are coming after them. It depicts that mobile era is going age while this cool watches are getting younger. For the first time in the world here comes a smartwatch from Sony coöperation making us familiar with “smartwatch” as we do today “smart phones”.

This is a device that connects smart phones via Bluetooth 3.0 ,while the mobiles are Sony and on Sony. This works on Android platform and hence the mobile also should be powered by Android. So the smartwatch is a device that gives you many features rather than displaying the time, it keeps you up to date through Updates, mails, Twitter and let you manage your music files either. In that case it’s obvious that taking the mobile out of the pocket and reading text messages , emails and playing music is no longer going to proceed that action due to smart watches.


Include LED display

It’s a 13 inches OLED display with 128 x 128 pixels and 65k (16 bit) that are going us amazing us applying Google Play App for more functions and features on smartwatch. The display, made of Aluminum and plastics with highly polished is an always visible one even though it’s not connected to mobile. This stuff attracts the attention through display and vibrations whose adapter of watch band is 20mm that is available in classic black and also in pink, grey, white, mint and blue. So guys if you are fashion headed one you can change those colors according to the costume, so cool 🙂

Smartwatch being a device working on Android 2.1 and later versions weights 15.5g and with watch band it does 26g. This is compatible not only with Sony mobiles but also with some types of Samsung, HTC and Motorola such as Samsung G2,5 mini, SL, Motorola Droid2,RAZR and etc. On the other hand Android OS is getting a swift development in the field we can hope that on other mobiles also this can be compatible and newer applications will come. This comprises with a USB connection and its battery lasts for 3-4days in typical usage and up to 14 days of stand by .

Google Play on SmartWatch


Smartwatch lets we have SMS and MMS, Gmail or in-built email service in Sony (previous Sony Ericsson),call management, media , weather and so many including Android App Store. So this certifies us that  world can be available on our watch not on our mobiles sooner. Same like the other Android applications this is also depend on the manufacturer and its features. But there’s no doubt all the mobiles coming tomorrow will be able to use with this latest stuff unless it’s clear to everybody they will be rejected as getting whole the things we want on the hand is easier than looking for the mobile in the bag or taking it out of your pocket since smartwatch is the next evolution of computer. But it must be protected from dust and such things and we can’t use it as we do like normal ones as smartwatch is having a touch screen and this cool thing ought to be protected as you know it sucks with touch screens. Considering this these have been made such that dust and splash proof connecting an Aluminium case. Smart Watches – world is just a click away.

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