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by Adriana on June 16, 2020

Hello everyone! We are with a great topic that you all will surely anxious to go through. As we are slowly getting closer to download iOS 14, it would be better to know if there are features that we can capture before the official proclamation of Apple. If we turn to the last chapter of the iPhone operating system, it was a bit nervous version. But now, Apple going to turn the OS back to a high-level than prior. A new version is not just about features. It will be there with enhanced possibilities, smooth performances, new security features and that you can download and enjoy.

download ios 14

Download iOS 14 with new features

When all-new iOS versions will be there within a few more months, all iOS 13 running devices will be able to collect the update as a compatible version. And at this time, the World Wide Developers Conference will be held as an online event because of the unpredicted pandemic. It is great as a few jailbreak-only features will be there for non-jailbreak users to collect on their device. But stay tuned, for we do not know how iOS 14 jailbreak story will narrate.

Expected features with iOS 14

  • More stable and fewer bugs

There is no doubt that we all surprise for iOS 13 became a long array for several added updates. And it was a buggy step that we passed thus far. According to leaked reports, Apple going to fix everything in the new chapter to turn it into a stable version.

  • New sources for wallpaper

If you excited to see what are the new wallpapers of iOS 14, it seems there will be more sources than ever to collect wallpapers. Thus, third-party wallpapers will offer you more collections at this time.

  • Fitness app

This is one of the all-new offers of Apple for iOS 14.0. Since fitness and health is one of the significant topics these days, having an app and that can use with your iPhone and Apple watch would be really interesting.

  • App Icons with the Last View

We know that app icons are the only way to make sure the entire app installed on an iDevice. But when we turn the new page of iOS 14, you will be able to go through a list and that arranged including last viewed apps.

  • Home Screen Widgets

Want widgets for your Home screen? Stay Tuned for they will arrive with the next major iOS offer. Rumors say it is Avacado as the internal code name of the arrangement.

  • Use apps without download

Instant Apps is one of the remarkable features of Google and that can use on the Play store. With the feature, users do not need to bring certain apps on their devices. But still, they can simply try out them and get an idea about and accomplish tasks. So the same feature will be able to collect when iOS 14 will become public.

  • Find my App with improved features

Find My App was a highlighted offer behind iOS 13. And it seems the app going to collect more advanced features.

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