How to root Android 9?

by Adriana on April 9, 2020

Android 9 is another amazing chapter of Android Google. It was the all-new operating system that offered in 2018 as Android Pie. Since Android 10 just call as Android Q, the 9th was the final seed arrived with the name of a sweat. However, this is not going to be a story based on its official details. This is about how to root android 9? If you are an Android follower since far, you must have heard the term rooting. Though they say root and iOS jailbreak is similar, there is a considerable difference. Let’s make sure if there is any reliable method that we can bring root permission on our Smartphone running Android Pie. Here we go.

root android 9

More about root Android 9

As the 9th session of the array, Android Pie has to convey a bunch of all-new features and enhancements to the operating system. The newly designed graphical user interface, battery management functions, Adaptive Brightness feature, faster screenshots, All-in-one Home key, Beer emojis, enhanced security uses, app activities, sound and volume enhancements and more interesting and useful features were there for the first time in the Android history.

But still, you have to earn administrative level privileges that kept far from you. You cannot perform those features that you dearly loved because of the frame that your career has been arranged. So it always recalls us that Android root is still on the top that we have to deal with.

Is there any tool to root android 9?

Unfortunately, at the moment I am writing this, we do not have any certain narration about a tool that supports root android 9. If you are a Samsung user and you found a proper CF auto root file may support you to bring root status on your handset. But overall, there is no reliable point to highlight.

If you yet to upgrade your device, it is better to keep the usual OS with root permission. Those who are with versions below Android 9 can use popular third-party root tools like Kingroot, Kingo root, Root Genius, iRoot, Voot and so on. If it is about Android 10, it is a pity for we have more to research for a certain clarification.

Some users may agree with their manufacturer and use enhanced features but some will surely crave to have a certain rooting tool for Android 9. Stay tuned for a complete guide to root Android 9 once an unfailing developer will update their rooting tool with applicable scripts. 

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