What is and how to use Odin mode Samsung?

by Adriana on April 12, 2020

I am a proud Samsung Android user with amazing features on my hand. There is no doubt that this is the best smartphone that anyone can effortlessly use. In my opinion, you do not want to be an expert, to use a Samsung device because of its user-friendly standing. And I feel that the company perfectly extracted the Android operating system and sharpen it for high user satisfaction. Anyhow, this is about one of the significant options of the device call Odin mode Samsung. Those who flashed their devices or else recovered from bricked or improper system issues know the value of the mode.

odin mode

What is Odin mode Samsung?

Odin mode is unique for Samsung devices. We call it to download mode as well. It is not a mode that your device can put into when it is working status. You have to shut down it and then use keys to put it into download mode.

However, this mode usually uses when we are going to flash a smartphone or tablet using the special tool Odin. It is the application that Samsung users have to use during stock or custom ROM flashes. And even for we use Odin tool to bring root permission, devices that ready to go through having to put into Odin mode.

Therefore, we simply introduce this as a way that we can download data from a PC to the handset. So you have to put the device into the mode and then connect it to a computer with a proper USB cable. So you can transfer data between the PC and the smartphone.

How to Odin mode Samsung?

  • Turn off your Smartphone
  • And then use the Volume Up key and Home and Power buttons at the same time  
  • After that, you will ask to use Volume Down key and adjust the Odin mode
  • Once you properly enter there, you will see a black or a blue screen with Downloading…. Text

Final words

If you accidentally stuck at Odin mode, no need to worry. Just remove the device battery and keep it away for a few minutes. And then insert it once more. Now turn on the handset and see if it starts normally with the Samsung logo on its screen.

However, if you need to upgrade/downgrade, root or resolve whatever software related issue on your handset, it is important to know what is and how to set the device into Odin mode.


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