How to Jailbreak Roku TV- the complete guidelines

by Adriana on April 26, 2020

how to jailbreak roku tv

As you already know Roku is an online digital media player device that brings TV shows, movies, and your favorite programs. This brings so many options for you in a very supportive work-frame. But do you know it has certain limitations? If you are willing to explore its capacity to the fullest, you have no chance here for jailbreak. So how to jailbreak Roku TV? You may question but we have a working solution for that too. Keep reading for all updates.

Can you Jailbreak Roku TV?

Getting to jailbreak starts with the operating system of the device. So simply, jailbreaking needs an operating system like Android or iOS to continue. What to consider here is that the Roku device has a separate Roku OS. Roku OS uses the maximum dimensions of the device already. So here jailbreaking comes nothing to offer extras that you expect from other devices. The fact is, even without jailbreaking, the Roku device will come smart. But with the support of Kodi, you can try a change here.

Will you try Android Screen mirroring method?

Roku jailbreak is impossible and you already know that. But there are other devices. So try to take help in mirroring this Kodi to Roku device.

How to get started?

  • Start by enabling screen mirroring from the device Roku
  • Get into the home button and move to the main menu
  • Continue with settings and then go to System
  • Make sure you pick screen mirroring option
  • Then go with  the option Allow / Prompt / Always Allow
  • And do not miss to make the connection to the Android and Roku device in the network connection (same network)

In the next part, I am going to cover up to get the Kodi Android app. Then follow up on the instructions below.

  • Download Kodi App through a proper source
  • Give access to the Kodi app from the device allowing the device to manage all the media
  • Once the installation is over, move to settings and choose the device then pick the display
  • Once you have picked the display scroll down and pick cast to see the supported Roku devices
  • By now you have successfully mirrored the screen
  • Finally, launch Kodi on android device and start streaming a movie or TV show easily

The only method that helps the third-party apps to connect with Roku is getting paired with Kodi. So hope this method would work well and bring you the best experience.

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