How to jailbreak Chromecast- The complete Guide

by Adriana on March 28, 2020

Would you like to switch your HDTV into a streaming gadget? With Google Chromecast, you are just into that as this little dongle, helps you to watch anything you like on the internet so easily. As to some, this no better than Apple TV or Airplay while some agree this is great to choose. But if you ever try Jailbreak Chromecast, you would find it greater above all. Would you try out?

jailbreak chromecast

Into Jailbreak Chromecast

It is so great to know that Chromecast jailbreak as it then supports Google TV OS. Chromecast usually takes about $35 to run such a platform. It comes in plug and plays mode with the slot into the HDMI port on your HDTV. With that, it allows streaming all that you desire. And thanks to Wi-Fi built-in, we find things easier.  There are some saying Chromecast and Apple TV has no much difference. But when Chromecast is definitely cheaper to afford while Apple TV more features to experience, some find a big difference between these two. So that is where Jailbreak Chromecast comes smarter.

How to jailbreak Chromecast?

Get arranged with:

  • Google Chromecast device
  • USB Flash drive with a minimum of 128 MB
  • The USB image
  • Get ready with Micro USB OTG cable

The step guide:

  • Setup the USB flash drive
  • Download the respective zip file
  • Now extract gtyhacker-chromecast.bin file
  • Continue to install the image you downloaded on the flash drive (use this exact syntax – dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/devsdX bs=1024)
  • Then plug the flash drive to the female port of the OTG cable
  • Connect Chrome cast
  • When you plug in the power cable, continue to press the button on the Chrome cast
  • Now keep watching the screen progress if you notice flashing light, it will come up with Chromecast boot up and then kernel (unsigned)
  • By now the system replaces with a jailbroken version and will remove data existing. You will notice the Chrome cast reboot in the usual order. Keep watching the progress as this would take a few minutes. Make sure you do not disconnect or change anything
  • When things compete, the box starts up with a screen showing up with the Setup screen
  • Now follow up the instructions and finish setting up

This takes several minutes and requires paying the highest attention. So follow the instructions well and enjoy all changes with jailbreak Chromecast that will take you to a better experience.

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