How to root android without PC?

by Adriana on January 29, 2020

First of all, we would like to let you know what is Android rooting? Those who are with Android Smartphone since far know that there are several things that we cannot handle because of restrictions and special conditions. So in simply, rooting means the special operation that can remove them all for you. There are two main methods that users can become a user of a handset with root permission. You can use a computer or else just your handset to set up the app and run it. In this narration, we will clarify how to root android without PC? XDA developers offer various tools for any of those methods. So it is up to you to pick up a certain utility.

root android

How to root Android without PC?

In this topic, you should know that rooting has tools call APK. Using them, you can set up an app directly on your device system completely without a computer and request root permission through. There are tools like iRoot, KingRoot, kingoroot, Rootgenius and more that offer APK type tools.

However, you should download one of their latest versions on your device and follow the respective instructions. We will let you know a couple of similar preparations from now for your betterment before becoming a user with a rooted handset.

Preparations for root Android Smartphone

Preparations are important when you are ready to deal with such an advanced operation. Since it is your beloved handset, you should take care of it. However, remember that root Android is risky and may void your warranty. It is at your own risk.

You have to remove the memory chip to keep safe all your important data. Or you can arrange a complete data backup. And to keep the device alive till the end of root operation, charge it up to 100%. And then enable Unknown sources option from Settings of the handset as your app download is not directly from the Google Play Store.

And there may be special preparations for some Android root apps that you will pick up. So you better get a complete idea about and then go through.

root android

Final words

You can refer to certain tool guides from the web and from our previous posts as well. Once you root your device, you will be able to flash custom firmware, bring paid apps for totally free, boost the device and make it faster than previous, save battery and more.

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