How to Jailbreak Chromecast Using Kodi?

by Adriana on July 14, 2020

We will let you know two guides to jailbreak Chromecast using Kodi and enjoy anything on your TV. You can do this with Windows or Android. Carefully follow each step and prepare devices. And then you can successfully end the process with a jailbroken device. Let your dongle reach an enjoyable level. Here we go.

How to Jailbreak Chromecast Using Kodi

Guide to jailbreak Chromecast


Check if your Chromecast and Android or computer/laptop already connect to a proper Wi-Fi connection

  • Download and install Kodi app to the computer or Android device. The Kodi package should be the recommended one for your device OS
  • Prepare any Kodi add-ons that you wish to use
  • If you wish to go through a VPN, check if your VPN software properly works at the moment. But it is not important
  • Those who are with an Android should make sure that they are with the Google Home App. Install the latest version or update your current app version to the latest
  • If you are with a PC, prepare Google Chrome web browser
  • Now follow whatever guide that you wish to go through

Cast with an Android

  • Open Google Home App right away
  • Select the main menu in the top left corner of the interface
  • Select Cast screen/audio from the drop-down menu
  • The window of mirroring possibilities of the app will launch will launch
  • Simply select the Cast Screen /Audio option
  • The device list will display right away
  • Find out the Chromecast from the list and select it
  • See if all details of the Android clearly display on the TV
  • Open the Kodi app right away
  • The app should launch in full-screen mode
  • Open the prepared add-on from Kodin and start the content
  • You can follow prior steps to stop casting. So you can use the Disconnect button to once you see screen/audio page
  • Enable microphone permission if you will require

Cast using computer

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Select the menu button there and select cast when the menu will open
  • A message will open to welcome you
  • Select Cast to from the Chromecast device name
  • Select Cast desktop from the next menu
  • And then find out your Chromecast and select it
  • Share your screen window will open
  • Mark Share audio option and click Share option as well
  • Your desktop will display on your TV if the process successfully ends
  • Use the Stop button to stop casting


What is Altserver and how to use?

by Adriana on July 6, 2020

Want to know what is AltServer? Here is every single detail. Of course, we call it Alt Store as well. This is the most popular application for iOS and that can use to push those barriers of the operating system and that keeps you far from many accomplishments. It is a third-party installation. You have to install it separately. The best thing is it is completely free from jailbreak permission. So you can go through during both jailbreak or non-jailbreak status. In recent jailbreak stories, AltServer was one of the crucial deal behind jailbreak applications. Here we go through every further direction.


Download AltServer on computer

AltServer is a desktop-based application. So it cannot bring directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You have to install it on your computer or laptop and go through it. It is compatible with both macOS and Windows. You can find out the application from the official website of AltStore.

First of all, you have to download the AltServer to your machine. And then it will help you to bring the AltStore. To download whatever app through the server, you can simply launch it and move on. You can leave the Server whenever you want since all the rest can do using AltStore.

Special system requirements

When you visit the official website of AltServer, you will see separate downloadable packages of AltStore. So then, simply download the specific one. But, if you are a Windows user, make sure you are with Windows 10. If it is a Mac OS X machine. It should be macOS 10.14.4 or later.

What are the apps available with AltStore?

While I am writing this, there are no many apps to list here. The developer says it is just Delta app as the only one in the store. But there is a way to bring any further apps using the Files app.

First of all, find out an IPA based application from a third-party source. Use + mark on the top left corner. And then you can bring an IPA based file and that download from the web. And then you can sideload the file and bring the application right away. With this special method, you can bring all those similar apps that you install so far using Cydia Impactor.

If you are a jailbreak user, AltServer will be an important file during Unc0ver jailbreak that you have to download. 


Install iOS and iPadOS 14 developer beta

by Adriana on June 25, 2020

Install a new iOS version on iDevices is truly interesting for we can gain all-new features, security updates and enhancements to our beloved iPhone, iPad and iPod. So we are at the edge of iOS 14 the upcoming major iPhone operating system with amazing deals. For the first time, the initial beta of iOS 14 dropped to developers during World Wide Developers Conference which held 22nd June. So in this guide, we are going to direct how to download the current developer beta on iDevices. If you are a registered developer or else wish to register as a developer at Apple Dev Center, here is how to bring any developer beta on your iDevice.

ios 14

Important facts to download iOS 14

Apply all these conditions for the hottest iPadOS 14 as well. Those who wish to download betas should navigate to Apple’s Developer portal. Use a paid Apple ID is important. It is just $99. Without your confirmation as a developer, you may not be able to continue. Once the iPhone 12 series will unwrap, you can add them too to the compatible device list. Until then, just remember that all iOS 13 and iPadOS13 running devices can upgrade to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 as well.

Install iOS and iPadOS 14 developer betas

  • Simply go to the Safari and search the portal of Apple for registered developers
  • Use your Apple ID username and password to enter
  • Select Operating Systems as an option under Bets Software Downloads
  • Click Install Profile and continue the procedure
  • The message of the configuration profile will display. Just allow it and continue
  • When the download confirmation will display, simple close the message
  • Turn to Settings of the device and then Profile Downloaded or go to Settings > General and Profile
  • Select iOS 14 beta Software Profile and select Install option right away
  • Tap the Install button once more. If you wish to cancel the process, you can cancel it at this stage
  • When you will ask to restart the device, just restart it to continue the process
  • The device will turn on, turn to Settings > General > Software Update and stay a few seconds until the software update will display. Once the update comes into view, select Download and Install option
  • You will ask to enter your ID password. Just enter it and move on
  • The device will smoothly install the beta. Simply tap continue option, Apple ID and Get started options respectively


Get ready to download iOS 14

by Adriana on June 16, 2020

Hello everyone! We are with a great topic that you all will surely anxious to go through. As we are slowly getting closer to download iOS 14, it would be better to know if there are features that we can capture before the official proclamation of Apple. If we turn to the last chapter of the iPhone operating system, it was a bit nervous version. But now, Apple going to turn the OS back to a high-level than prior. A new version is not just about features. It will be there with enhanced possibilities, smooth performances, new security features and that you can download and enjoy.

download ios 14

Download iOS 14 with new features

When all-new iOS versions will be there within a few more months, all iOS 13 running devices will be able to collect the update as a compatible version. And at this time, the World Wide Developers Conference will be held as an online event because of the unpredicted pandemic. It is great as a few jailbreak-only features will be there for non-jailbreak users to collect on their device. But stay tuned, for we do not know how iOS 14 jailbreak story will narrate.

Expected features with iOS 14

  • More stable and fewer bugs

There is no doubt that we all surprise for iOS 13 became a long array for several added updates. And it was a buggy step that we passed thus far. According to leaked reports, Apple going to fix everything in the new chapter to turn it into a stable version.

  • New sources for wallpaper

If you excited to see what are the new wallpapers of iOS 14, it seems there will be more sources than ever to collect wallpapers. Thus, third-party wallpapers will offer you more collections at this time.

  • Fitness app

This is one of the all-new offers of Apple for iOS 14.0. Since fitness and health is one of the significant topics these days, having an app and that can use with your iPhone and Apple watch would be really interesting.

  • App Icons with the Last View

We know that app icons are the only way to make sure the entire app installed on an iDevice. But when we turn the new page of iOS 14, you will be able to go through a list and that arranged including last viewed apps.

  • Home Screen Widgets

Want widgets for your Home screen? Stay Tuned for they will arrive with the next major iOS offer. Rumors say it is Avacado as the internal code name of the arrangement.

  • Use apps without download

Instant Apps is one of the remarkable features of Google and that can use on the Play store. With the feature, users do not need to bring certain apps on their devices. But still, they can simply try out them and get an idea about and accomplish tasks. So the same feature will be able to collect when iOS 14 will become public.

  • Find my App with improved features

Find My App was a highlighted offer behind iOS 13. And it seems the app going to collect more advanced features.


Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.5

by Adriana on June 8, 2020

Hello everyone! We are glad to proclaim that Apple finally releases software for macOS Catalina, adding another topic to their long journey with watchOS, iPadOS and iOS. So it is macOS Catalina 10.15.5 and that reported as a minor arrangement. But it seems the version arrived with a couple of significant security keys at this time too. As usual, the newest update is absolutely free for users of macOS. So it is your turn to try out the newest arrangement for better support.

macos catalina 10.15.5

How to install macOS Catalina 10.15.5?

There is nothing to worry about if you are already done with an automatic update for it will arrange the new update on your device without trouble. Of course, there is nothing that you have to do for the automatic method that knows once an update is there. If not, you have to manually go through. For that, you can turn to System Preferences and then to the Software Update panel. Each step that you have to follow will display on your screen. So, you can go through each and upgrade the device easily.

And there is one more thing for people who surrounded macOS High Sierra. There is an update for you too. According to Apple’s changelog clarification, that the recent version macOS Catalina 10.15.5, is an update that all their users must collect right away. It is because of those special security arrangements that have been added. Therefore, it is better to bring the update right away if there is no other reason to stick with older chapters.

What’s more?

It seems Apple continually updated security pages of each operating system such as iOS 13.5.1 and iPadOS 13.5.1 to reflect their new arrangements. So the recent macOS Catalina 10.15.5 too clarified as an update which available for macOS Catalina 10.15.5 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. And it is the popular CVE-2020-9859: unc0ver.

Since the company confirmed that they patched the respective security hole in tvOS 13.4.5 and iOS/iPadOS 13.5.1; note that macOS Catalina too has been patched it perfectly from now onwards.

Wrapping up

It seems Apple gradually brings updates to each operating system. Most of them are security arrangements according to recognized significant security holes. However, we welcome you all as the world’s largest high-class software frame with your devices. Update your macOS Catalina, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS with newly arranged software updates and stand with high-security features.


Jailbreak using the latest Unc0ver iOS 13.5

by Adriana on May 29, 2020

Want to jailbreak iOS 13.5? We are glad to let you know that both Checkra1n and Unc0ver teams offered updated versions for iOS 13.5. While Checkra1n is a beta release, you can encounter Unc0ver as a complete public offer for all iOS 13.5 running iPhone, iPod and iPad. Unlike prior releases, Unc0ver iOS 13.5 come into view as a collaboration with Rebel which is a third-party smartphone case startup. If it is about the technical side of the utility, they say it is a brand-new exploit and that taken from Pwn20wnd. So here is our guide to go through the latest version of this enormous offer. Here we go.

unc0ver ios 13.5

Guide to Unc0ver iOS 13.5

First of all remember that there are three separate options of installing Unc0ver jailbreak such as through AltStore, Xcode on Mac and sideload using Cydia Impactor. We will guide you on how to use Cydia Impactor and sideload the app since it is a popular method among jailbreakers.

  • Download the latest version of Unc0ver from their official page
  • Download Cydia Impactor on your Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Launch Cydia Impactor
  • Use a lightning cable and connect the iPhone to the computer
  • Drag the downloaded jailbreak file and drop on to the Impactor
  • Give your Apple ID login details and get in
  • The sideload process will start
  • Turn to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management
  • Use the Trust button right away and then the red Trust button to continue
  • Now go to the Home screen and launch Unc0ver app
  • Click the jailbreak button
  • The entire process will take a few minutes
  • At the end of the operation, you can find out the Cydia app on Home

Important: If you do not see the Cydia icon on the Home screen at the end of the operation, it means you could not successfully end it. Just launch the jailbreak app once more and try a few more times.

Wrapping up

Since Cydia Impactor is one of the closest applications that we used behind IPA installation, I hope it will be easier than other methods. But if you feel one of the rests are better, find out the proper guide and go through. Finally, you will be able to encounter Cydia 13.5 on your device. Whatever process you will choose, you have to carefully apply each step. If you wish to get rid of jailbreak status, you can remove Cydia following proper steps and turn the device back to normal.


Pwned Mac Pro by Checkra1n team

by Adriana on May 19, 2020

We are glad to remind you that the jailbreak community becoming amazing day by day with their all-new releases. Today we brought Pwned Mac Pro and that revealed by the Checkra1n team. Checkra1n is the jailbreak tool and that offered for iOS 13 a few weeks ago. And now, they came to the most expensive Apple device and turned it into jailbroken. Of course, Checkra1n team teases pwned Mac Pro for those who were looking for a proper way to escape.

checkra1n mac pro

Checkra1n team with pwned Mac Pro

It was one of their team members as Rick Mark behind this great news which reposted by Luca Todesco on Twitter. So now, we can hopefully remain for hackers to bring this story to a perfect ending. With the message, we got to know that the latest Mac Pro got checkm8 bootrom exploit treatment with the help of connecting Mac Book Pro. So there is a huge story with internal security terms highlighted with this reveal.

With whatever, we would like to remind you that it is just an update that we have to patiently count for a few further days to see if it will turn into a complete public deal. So at this instant, there is no public method to go through Mac Pro and become jailbroken. Experts remind us, that the battle will be interesting for it surrounded a hardware-based exploit. And the best thing is, Apple will not be able to fix it that soon without a completely new hardware offer. It will take longer.

How to jailbreak Mac Pro?

It is a pity to say that the current status of the Mac Pro jailbreak is empty. And even the deal we brought you is a reveal. Patience will take you through what you are waiting for. Until then, be with Mac Pro and let’s see how jailbreakers will fulfill this.

Wrapping up

Jailbreak is not easy to capture for we have to wait for a proper jailbreak from hackers. If you want to turn your Mac Pro into jailbroken, we are glad about the detail we received from the Checkra1n team. Now it is time to let them research further and make it a public jailbreak method. For they being one of the leading researching teams in the community, there is nothing to doubt about. Stay there until we bring you a positive update as soon as possible.


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