Would you like to switch your HDTV into a streaming gadget? With Google Chromecast, you are just into that as this little dongle, helps you to watch anything you like on the internet so easily. As to some, this no better than Apple TV or Airplay while some agree this is great to choose. But if you ever try Jailbreak Chromecast, you would find it greater above all. Would you try out?

jailbreak chromecast

Into Jailbreak Chromecast

It is so great to know that Chromecast jailbreak as it then supports Google TV OS. Chromecast usually takes about $35 to run such a platform. It comes in plug and plays mode with the slot into the HDMI port on your HDTV. With that, it allows streaming all that you desire. And thanks to Wi-Fi built-in, we find things easier.  There are some saying Chromecast and Apple TV has no much difference. But when Chromecast is definitely cheaper to afford while Apple TV more features to experience, some find a big difference between these two. So that is where Jailbreak Chromecast comes smarter.

How to jailbreak Chromecast?

Get arranged with:

  • Google Chromecast device
  • USB Flash drive with a minimum of 128 MB
  • The USB image
  • Get ready with Micro USB OTG cable

The step guide:

  • Setup the USB flash drive
  • Download the respective zip file
  • Now extract gtyhacker-chromecast.bin file
  • Continue to install the image you downloaded on the flash drive (use this exact syntax – dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/devsdX bs=1024)
  • Then plug the flash drive to the female port of the OTG cable
  • Connect Chrome cast
  • When you plug in the power cable, continue to press the button on the Chrome cast
  • Now keep watching the screen progress if you notice flashing light, it will come up with Chromecast boot up and then kernel (unsigned)
  • By now the system replaces with a jailbroken version and will remove data existing. You will notice the Chrome cast reboot in the usual order. Keep watching the progress as this would take a few minutes. Make sure you do not disconnect or change anything
  • When things compete, the box starts up with a screen showing up with the Setup screen
  • Now follow up the instructions and finish setting up

This takes several minutes and requires paying the highest attention. So follow the instructions well and enjoy all changes with jailbreak Chromecast that will take you to a better experience.


iOS 9 emojis for android no root

by Adriana on March 6, 2020

We all know how boring it is when you are in a chat without emojis. You can show your true emotions or hide them as well when emojis are there. As the competitor of Android, Apple iOS often introduce new emojis. Apart from advanced Android devices, it is impossible to gain those interesting icons to your keyboard. In many reports, they clarified rooting is the perfect method to gain them all on your device. But of course, there is a simple way that you can get closer to them even without root permission. So this is how you can gain iOS 9 emojis for Android no root and enjoy chatting. Here we go.

ios 9 emoji

iOS 9 Emojis for Android

In the journey of the iPhone operating system, iOS 9.0 was a remarkable footprint to bring a heap of amazing deals to the OS. Thus, Emojis are the same. There were several fascinating icons that made the chat enjoyable. So this is how you can bring them all on your Smartphone simply without rooting.

How to get iOS 9 Emojis for Android?

Important: You have to find out a third-party app that suggest you attention-grabbing emojis such as SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji, Facemoji, GIPHY, Bitmoji, Emoji keyboard, Go keyboard, Gboard, Textra SMS, Facemoji Keyboard Lite, Big Emoji, Elite Emoji, Kika Keyboard 2020, Mirror Avatar Maker, AfroMoji, Flash Keyboard, GO Keyboard, TouchPal Keyboard, Emoji Launcher, Emoji Lock Screen Pattern, Emoji Face Recorder, Emojily, Words to Emojis, Emoji Letter Maker and more.

  • First of all, you have to allow Unknown Sources from your Settings app
  • Search the certain third-party app that you selected
  • Download it right away and install to the handset
  • And then you have to change the usual Font style. So simply navigate to Settings > Display > Font Style and then select the style into the new app that you installed
  • Now you can try out your chat with new emojis. There is no doubt that it will be cool and cheerful than ever.

ios 9 emoji

Final words

There is a heap of amazing deals that you can add on your handset completely without Android root permission. All you have to do is be smart and find out the perfect app that fulfills your desire. Thanks to dedicated Android developers, you can stay closer to a heap of amazing features even without rooting. So when it comes to amazing Emojis, there are a thousand suggestions on the web. So, find out the perfectly fitting app for you.


How to Exit from Odin Mode on Samsung Galaxy Tab ?

by Adriana on February 24, 2020

First of all, it is important knowing what are the approaches that you need to put your device through Odin mode? It is especially when you need to flash stock/custom ROM or kernel or root it using tool Odin. This also calls download mode, for it is the special way that the device can bring ROM or else kernel files to the device hardware kit. This is common for almost all Samsung Galaxy devices. However, this is not about flash or something related. This is how you can exit from Odin mode on the Samsung Galaxy tab. Here we go.

odin mode

Exit from Odin mode on Samsung Galaxy tab

When you need to enter Odin mode, it is simple and easy. All you have to do is use those hardware keys such as Volume down key, Home and the power button respectively. Once you will closer to the mode, you will ask to use the Volume up key and adjust the mode.

And then how can you if you need to get rid of the mode? Here is how. This is easier than you think. It is the Power key that you have to press and hold for a couple of minutes until the handset will normally launch the Samsung logo on its display and turn on properly.

If you get to know that it does not work, you can try out this. Press and hold Home + Volume button and then Power button at the same time. So the device will identify your command and start normally.

Important tips

In my opinion, Odin mode is one of the important actions that a Samsung user must know. If your device will accidentally face software issues that you cannot fix by restart, factory restore or by removing the battery, tool Odin through Odin mode will be the best solution. So remember that it is not just for advanced users. You too one of those fellows who must know the value of the approach and how to get in as well.

odin mode

Wrapping up

Although put the device and get rid of download mode might see an easy action, you may confuse and afraid when you need to move from. So keep in mind that it is not something to be frightened. You can go through a few steps and get rid of.  For it is a Samsung smart device, of course, you have solutions in whatever serious condition.


Download Galaxy S7 edge firmware

by Adriana on February 19, 2020

This is for those fellows who wish to modify their Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices. If you are with an S7 and you feel it is time to change the way, here is everything. Samsung is a well-known Smartphone and tablet brand in the world and that also remains as the competitor of Apple iDevices. With their all-new features that introduced thus far, it reached the level of freedom and that even became a challenge to those Apple devices. However, users mostly collect ROM files when they need to flash their devices. Flash means you can refresh the device completely with its operating system. If you need to download Galaxy S7 Edge firmware, here we go.

Download Galaxy S7 Edge firmware

First of all, you should know that the internet suggests thousands of sources when you search for something. Thus, the same will happen if you Google firmware files for S7 Edge. But of course, we want you to know that there is one website that you can download any Samsung related ROM file without any worry. It is sammobile.com which known as an official website of Samsung Inc.

There is no doubt about their pure ROM package offers. But remember that this is totally for official files and not for such custom ROM or kernels. When you need whatever firmware file, you can become a member of the website and download them easily. This is a totally free service.

galaxy s7

Important facts

There are a few things to consider behind download Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge firmware such as your region and the device model number. You will be able to get to know every single thing once you go there.

However, we are glad to say that all those currently available firmware of Galaxy S7 Edge models has been released in 2020. It is model code SM-G935F, that you have to confirm that you with. If not, you cannot use those files at all. If such a pity, you can search the accurate model number there and make sure that there are related ROM files.

Final words

Are you ready to flash your Galaxy S7 Edge? Make sure that you are with a proper and reliable ROM file. Sammobile will let you know if there are recent firmware updates. We recommend you sammobile as the only reliable source. If you will find out some other website or a page, make sure that it is a reliable source.




How to Root Android 9 through Magisk?

by Adriana on February 11, 2020

Rooting is the only way you can expose your device to its true potentials. So no matter what firmware and device, you can get the best benefits by having root support in the right way. So if you are interested and looking for the right tool help, it is the time to read about how to root Android 9. And what I choose here as a tool is Magisk which simply could call the systemless root that brings the highest Superuser privileges with minimal time and effort.

how to root android 9

How to Root Android 9 with Magisk Tool?

Rooting with Magisk Root is smart and easy. So here you are given the complete manuals to Root Android 9 easily with Magisk root app. To know the complete manuals, go on reading the complete update note.

  • Initially, Download Magisk Manager and get the program in the phone storage
  • Boot the device into a custom recovery (recommended TWRP Recovery)
  • Note: In case if you have not installed anyone before, just Google or learn through Youtube about the correct instructions on how to install a custom recovery
  • Click the button “Install” and then choose the Magisk.zip file which you have transferred to the device storage
  • Once the .zip file is chosen, swipe to verify the flash and get into the flashing process
  • When Magisk is done with flashing, you will be entered to “Reboot System option” where you have to hit
  • The device will reboot where it will open a file manager application
  • Go to the folder where the Magisk Manager APK file is transferred and run the installation
  • Go to Magisk Manager App and verify the root status

You can use a root checker free app from the play store and verify the root status

What will you get with Android Root?

As stated above rooting Android is the only way you can expand your device’s capabilities and get the best. But for that, you need the right tool support. So use Magisk root and get the best of your Android. You can easily use Magisk to root Android 9 and it only takes a few easy minutes. So get your chance to the complete admin rights by choosing the best root master. The tool confirms the safest root and gets updates promising the highest administrative rights over the Android.


How to root android without PC?

by Adriana on January 29, 2020

First of all, we would like to let you know what is Android rooting? Those who are with Android Smartphone since far know that there are several things that we cannot handle because of restrictions and special conditions. So in simply, rooting means the special operation that can remove them all for you. There are two main methods that users can become a user of a handset with root permission. You can use a computer or else just your handset to set up the app and run it. In this narration, we will clarify how to root android without PC? XDA developers offer various tools for any of those methods. So it is up to you to pick up a certain utility.

root android

How to root Android without PC?

In this topic, you should know that rooting has tools call APK. Using them, you can set up an app directly on your device system completely without a computer and request root permission through. There are tools like iRoot, KingRoot, kingoroot, Rootgenius and more that offer APK type tools.

However, you should download one of their latest versions on your device and follow the respective instructions. We will let you know a couple of similar preparations from now for your betterment before becoming a user with a rooted handset.

Preparations for root Android Smartphone

Preparations are important when you are ready to deal with such an advanced operation. Since it is your beloved handset, you should take care of it. However, remember that root Android is risky and may void your warranty. It is at your own risk.

You have to remove the memory chip to keep safe all your important data. Or you can arrange a complete data backup. And to keep the device alive till the end of root operation, charge it up to 100%. And then enable Unknown sources option from Settings of the handset as your app download is not directly from the Google Play Store.

And there may be special preparations for some Android root apps that you will pick up. So you better get a complete idea about and then go through.

root android

Final words

You can refer to certain tool guides from the web and from our previous posts as well. Once you root your device, you will be able to flash custom firmware, bring paid apps for totally free, boost the device and make it faster than previous, save battery and more.


How to use Odin?

by Adriana on January 22, 2020

Odin is the famed third-party application for Samsung Android users to flash their devices. It is known as the application that supports upgrade and downgrade the device. But now, users can bring root permission as well in a stable method using recommended tactics. However, at this moment, Odin download is the tool and that supports users to upgrade/downgrade, resolve system issues, unbrick, unroot and root whatever compatible handset in a proper manner. How to use Odin? Odin download cannot support any other device model as it is known as the official application of Samsung Smartphone and Tablet running Android operating system. You can download the latest version 3.13.1, on Mac or Windows and flash your device and resolve the issue or else just renew the OS.


Odin for Samsung Android

There are several special tools released by XDA developers for various brands of Smartphone and Tablet. Therefore, Odin is one of those and that specifically addressed Samsung Android devices. Odin has a couple of special features that users should consider before going through. Compile a tar type ROM or a kernel is important for zip is a format that Odin cannot support though we mostly encounter files in zip format. Those who wish to flash stock ROM can find out related ROMs from the official website of Samsung. If it is about custom firmware, you should find out a safe and reliable source to download them.

The latest version of Odin

It is Odin v3.13.1 as the most recent release of Odin with several remarkable updates. This is the first version that compatible to set up on both Windows and Mac platforms. Using this version, users can go through ROM packages based on Android Oreo 8.0. And this is the announced official release for Samsung Galaxy S8 and higher devices.

As usual, this too available as a free package that only supports tar based firmware kits. And remember that not any other version can arrange on a Mac machine while this is the only one. I hope there will be a new version as soon as possible for this too was a version released on 2018.

Complete guide to flash stock ROM


  • Prepare a Macintosh or Windows machine and a properly connectable USB cable
  • Backup important data or remove the memory chip
  • Download Odin latest version or a suitable version of the tool. The latest version is version 3.13.1
  • Put the Smartphone into download mode
  • Download an applicable ROM file
  • Install Samsung USB drivers to the computer

How to flash?

  • Use the cable and connect the handset to the arranged machine
  • Run Odin as administrator
  • When the user interface will launch, check if there is a special note to make sure that the device has been connected
  • When it will detect, extract the ROM file and save respective files on your desktop
  • Click AP button on the interface and bring the tar based ROM file there
  • When everything arranged properly, click the Start button
  • The entire operation will take around 10 minutes
  • A reboot within a couple of minutes will bring everything to a perfect end
  • The PASS! note will display on the top left corner of the UI behind every successful operation
  • If the note seems to be RESET! remember that it means you are fail


Troubleshooting tips

  • It is important to compile a proper USB cable and a proper machine
  • Remember to check whether USB ports are working
  • Make sure that the Odin version you download compatible with your device model and the ROM version
  • Whatever ROM or Kernel should be a tar based file. If it is a zip file, you cannot use it through Odin tool
  • Sometimes the computer will not be able to detect the connected device if you could not install drivers. It will be an issue if the drivers package is an older version. Thus, make sure that you downloaded the latest version of drivers
  • When the process fails, you have to restart the computer, install drivers again and try again

Wrapping up

If you need to upgrade or downgrade your device firmware or else just renew the system, this will be the best way to. Moreover, Odin is the tool that capable to support you in serious situations such as unroot the system or unbrick. If it is about having a device with root permission, the same download Odin tool will help you to swiftly change the normal OS into root. Those who wish to complete those conditions that the latest version brought can use it and go through it or else find out the most suitable version from the current Odin versions list. Experts say that we will be able to encounter a new version in the near future for there are a couple of new things to be added.


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Cydia for iOS 13.3 with Checkra1n tool

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