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by djchamike on October 31, 2012

Windows 8 main new features, Windows 8 review

Windows 8 the latest OS from Microsoft having a completely different interface has made a great change in its history. With its release Microsoft launches newest features that giving enhanced appearance to its performances and graphical interface.

The significant feature we see is it’s “Brick” or “Tile” user interface. In fact according to the mushrooming touch screen technology Microsoft has designed this feature. According to my point of view as a one who tries its consumer preview version I found this graphical interface is far better matching for touch screens rather than normal screens. They are just look like shortcuts we find in other Windows OS versions.

Windows 8 ;Metro interface

Windows 8

If you think you need a touch tablet with you to work in Windows 8, it is fair and you will see its all new features with that and it doesn’t affect what kinda tablet you are going to use for that.in your choice you will meet there are two types of processors running on those tablets and they are x86 tablet and windows RT tablet. The latter is especially designed for the Windows 8 OS where it meets new apps and does not support previous windows features. But in x86 model they support current versions and the new one.You can get whatsapp for windows 8. Check out this guide on how you can get whatsapp for pc

Windows 8 System requirements

you need to have a processor with 1GHz or faster one than that, 1GB RAM for 32 bit  and 2GB RAM for 64 bit machines, 16GB disk space for 32bit and 20 GB disk space for 64 bit PCs and “DirectX9” device having “WDDm”1 or more than that to install windows 8 in PC.

The other special feature we can find in Windows 8 is “Windows Store”. This is just like Apple store or Google Android market. That’s to say this brand feature lets you to download the applications alias Apps for your OS rather than buying those softwares or the Apps from a shop or online. So the Microsoft says time has come to say good-bye for that and it’s suitable to download the Apps clients need according to their whims and fancies. On the other hand this may be a trick to have more and more visits for Microsoft site, http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/home

Windows 8

Unlike previous Windows OS versions we find “Start Screen” instead of start menu where we install applications and desktop gadgets. Those things are displayed as tiles in the start screen due to its new metro interface. But we can’t find every application w installed there. This feature is a bit faster features than normal start menu and make easier to manage our processes and tasks smarter. You can create new groups by dragging and dropping tiles where a grey bar is available. According to my view it’s easy to surf among those tiles rather than scrolling up and down in the start menu.

High security in Windows 8

On your boot you will meet a new future if enabled, that’s to enable your picture pass word rather than typing the password in text. This feature enhances the security level of the OS higher than any other operating systems we find today.

On right of the desktop we can find  a bar where we find search, start, control panel, devices and share that pop ups when you move the mouse to the right corner of the desktop and easily get the entrance to each of those applications rather than going to start menu and looking for it. This bar is called as “Charm Bar” normally appears in black color and you needn’t know shortcuts.

These are some of the newest features we find in Windows today  with its enhancements and specially with its new metro interface in Windows 8  our desire to have a new dimension in Microsoft products has come a true.

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