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by djchamike on May 28, 2013

The Ease of Setting Up Chatwing

For over a year now, Chatwing has been steadily improving its chat software for its growing number of users. And now, it’s nowhere near where it used to be. That simple chat widget back then has become a sophisticated yet easy-to-use chatting tool that boasts stability, reliability, flexibility and style. For people who want to experience only the best chatting experience with your friends, here’s how you can make a Chatwing chatroom for yourself, absolutely free.

First is getting a Chatwing account. You can do so by registering at the site – the whole process takes about less than a minute or so.

chatting software

chatting softwareYou’ll be headed onto Chatwing’s chatbox customization page next. This is where you’ll modify your chatbox and truly make it your own. The whole customization process is divided into 13 panels, each with their own purposes of making your chatroom a whole better. Here’s a list of these panels:

  • Chatbox Color – Changes the overall appearance of your Chatroom, colorwise
  • Background Image – Puts in a unique background theme onto the chatroom, with 1000 images to choose from (User can also use his own image by providing a URL link for it)
  • Network – Puts the chatroom inside a Network Channel, syncing it with the other live chatrooms
  • Audio – embeds music into the Chatroom
  • Other styles – More modifications with the Chatroom
  • Privacy – Chooses the chatter’s logging methods and makes the chatroom a private one or open for the public by using a password
  • Message – Changes everything about the content within the chatroom. The font styles, colors, sizes and rich text formats can be modified here. Also allows video and image links to be viewed or not
  • General Options – Names the chatroom and sets up the Idle timer
  • Alias – Creates a vanity URL for the chatroom for easier access
  • Themes – Changes the chatbox into a chatroom like appearance or sets it back to default
  • Moderators – Customizes the Moderator and the Admin’s Texts to make it easier for chatters to recognize them. Can assign new Moderators and give them Admin controls like banning people
  • Filters – Used for blocking profanity and other words
  • Blacklist – Another way of banning people (Banning people can be done on the chatroom itself simply by clicking on the ban icon beside the name of the said person. This is also where you can lift the ban period.

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After customizing, be sure to save your progress using the Save button on every panel. Press the Use button (or the Use Chatbox button if you came from the dashboard) and you’ll be redirected towards last phase of the chatroom set-up – embedding. There are three tabs to choose from: Group Chat Url for instant access to the chatroom through the browser; Embedded options for putting the chatroom into the site; Popout Options for putting the chat software as a popout icon. Choose Embedded Option.

After doing so, you’ll see the html code of the chatbox being supplied to you. Though there are two options to choose from, the recommended one would be the Javascript code. Copy it and paste it into your site. Save it and you’re done – the chat app is already embedded into your site.

chatting software

chatting software

chatting software

Chatwing is constantly under improvement, being added with new features and all. With its great chatting performance and the instant support provided by its developers to the users that need help, it will become a tool that you won’t regret having.

Visit Chatwing on the web at

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