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by djchamike on November 18, 2012

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iPad, one of the best tablet PC today. But now we are talking  iPad alternatives. People are looking for those tablet PCs options due to many reasons. That depend on the persons, an identical feature that affects the tablet PC market. For a long time it was only “iPad” that remained as a unique equipment in the smart tablet demand. Latest iPad released to the market has come to a critical point where it meets many alternatives for iPad. That may be due to technical difficulties, crashes in iOS, lack of Apps. *Price and specially the jailbreak of iOS happened recently.

iPad alternatives

Those are the latest similar tablet PCs that can compete with iPad .All the tablet PCs based on the facilities delivered by iPad and its services.

Google Nexus 7 one of cheap iPad alternatives,the cheapest

iPad’s main rival is Google Nexus 7(asus) tablet released by Google on collaboration with Asus. Its users comment that comment that Asus products are suitable for rough usage and can be used everywhere we go. So mast of the times we do the same with tablets. That’s why the in most influential iPad alternatives is Google’s Nexus 7.powered by Android it has been mainly aimed to beat iPad(s).

iPad alternatives

Nexus 7 comes with NVIDIA 3 quad-core processor and GeForce video card having quad cure processor it delivers greater service and performance. Being speeder it can load pages faster. Playing games also is thrilling in this iPad alternatives as it contains prominent quad-core processors. This has 1280 x 800 HD display respect to iPad’s retina display. This makes a good point that can hope about better options for iPad. Nexus 7, powered on Android with the latest Jelly Bean version having much more Apps.

Nexus can withstand on HD video timing of 8 hours, 10 hours of web browsing and the same time for reading e-book. Relatively this is cheaper than iPad 150 euros, relatively a low price than iPad, reason why people are looking for substitutions for iPad. But the on thong to mention this support limited apps of Google’s paly.

Google Android will give a fight for iPad not only regarding as an iPad alternative but also as an alternative for iOS or a substitute for iOS.

Xperia Tablet

iPad alternatives

Sony also has released its new tablet PC Xperia with 1.3GHz processor that directly challenges iPad. Because iPad has just a 1GHz processor. When comparing the camera feature also Xperia tablet is a synonym for iPad alternatives as it has an 8 MP camera with higher resolution while Apple’s iPad has only a 5MP camera having a low resolution. Those are the outstanding features we see in Sony Xperia tablet over iPad and other iPad alternatives.

But the other features we find in Xperia tablet is not better like iPad or any other Android tablet PC. Though its hardware is having better performances, its software performances aren’t better according to my point of view. Its graphical interface is also controversial and its Apps do not look like Apple App store. Xperia tablet based on Android 4.0.Thiugh this has a 9.4 display Apple’s competitors have to enhance its features such that they meet iPad’s features. I think Sony was in a hurry to release a tablet PC with its competitors. Unless it could have manufacture a better option for iPad with new and cool features.

Amazon Kindle Fire

iPad alternatives

The popular e-book reader Amazon kindle fire is also an option for iPad. It’s heavier and slower than iPad. But it withstand its unique feature of e-book can play videos, music libraries also other than as an eBook reader. This is also an Android based tablet that challenges apple’s iOS. The worst case is Kindle fire can’t touch the Android app store.

If you are using an Amazon’s iPad alternative you must have the features downloaded (lending) through the Kindle lending library. to buy this is a cheap resolution for the storage we can have for iPad and Google Nexus 7. You can have Kindle fire with 16 GB capacity while Nexus 7 has just an 8 GB capacity. In this case Amazon Kindle fire is a better resolution for iPad having a comparable storage. But in order to be a competitor for iPad it must need further developments in hard ware and software wise. Things we see today in Amazon Kindle Fire are just a primary resolution for iOS.

Samsung Galaxy note,  iPad Killer

iPad alternatives

The greatest threat to iPad and whole Apple Inc. is from Samsung. Why I say is clear to everyone if you read my previous article about Samsung Galaxy S3. Obviously Samsung is going to challenge Apple in every aspect of its is proved here by releasing Galaxy note 10.1 N8010. So this iPad alternative is highly effective towards Apple among other iPad alternatives.

The major effective is its storage. Like iPad’s versions that means its pads with three types of memory capacities 16, 32 and 64 GB. Likewise Samsung has also released its Note with those three memory storages. With processor of 1.4 GHz it fairly works with its features in-built. But its camera isn’t that much developed. It’s just a 3.15 MP camera while the secondary camera being a 2MP camera. So you can’t get the full thrill you aim from iPad. Its bit weight and mush bulky like Samsung’s other items such as Galaxy mobiles. Note is powered through Android OS, the usual OS running on Samsung products. With the ability to play and capture HD videos with high-resolution that keep this tablet an option for iPad.

Samsung P1000

iPad alternatives

Another iPad alternative released by Samsung is P1000 Galaxy tab. Like the above tablet this works on android platform that most of the iPad alternatives are using. That is a better solution for iOS since the latest iOS 6 was subjected to jailbreak on its launch day. So the crossing over to Android is a better option for the manufacture who are seeking for iPad alternatives instead of iPad.

P1000 tablet is having many features like Google map, Google talk, and many Android based features as Google is the owner of Android .there ;s  distinguished change in this P1000 as its physical dimensions are fairly better than that of iPad. So this may be friendlier for its users than iPad and there would be a trend to buy this as resolution for iPad. This also has the same memory capacity 0f 32 that can be expandable.

HTF flyer is another tablet we see today with both touch and pen input and has a resolution of a normal desktop ha, 1024 x 600.Flyer is much slim and it’s just a 1.36 cm has two in-built microphones. You may wonder why there are two microphones that are to reduce the noises. This has inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities and is better solution for iPad as it also has those features with much enhancements and Flyer is going to challenge those unique Apple’s features. But the worst thing in this tablet is similar to Samsung’s Note that is its secondary camera quality. But its main camera quality is better as it has 5 MP resolutions.

Dell Streak 7 : business iPad alternative

iPad alternatives

If you are exclusively searching for iPad alternatives with an OS dedicated designed for tablets here comes Dell Streak 7.Dell Streak 7 is a unique tablet design for official utilization and has features and services required for a such has 1GHz processor and high-resolution in has in-built 16 GB memory and provides services to easily share the documentation and so on. This has the same camera quality those above mentioned ones have. Since people are having the idea that those Dell products are so delicate and is suitable for careful usage this tablet is especially functioned for above mentioned business or official usage.

Huawei Media Pad

iPad alternativesAn especially designed tablet for media minded ones is Huawei Media Pad. Like other iPad alternatives its OS is android that is going to challenge queue iOS. Media Play’s battery is also suitable for those media works as it can withstand a long duration 4100mAh.since this is designed for media playing stuffs the dimensions are also compatible with its need. According to the current design this can be carried out anywhere you go and not even a bulky stuff that messes you.

But its video making facility must b developed as it has the same rate of 30 fps like the normal ones. Having the resolution of 2592 x 1944 its main camera is 5 MP and the secondary is 1.3 MP. Since Dell is a computer manufacturer they has developed it such that it meets all the getter performances that a tablet needs, much speeder, 1 GHz processor and much higher RAM. And the graphical interface is also a better one than we see in other iPad alternatives and so impressive and breathtaking. That must be so as this is particularly designed for media playing.

Micromax Fun book P300 new iPad alternative

iPad alternativesThe newly arrived Micromax Inc. also has released a tablet and bit different. Micromax Fun book P300 is having a 1.2 GHz processor and like iPad its memory can be upgraded up to 32 GB though its internal memory is 4 GB. The different thing we see here is this can be plugged into a TV or a Projector through a HDMI slot. This Fun book can be is based on Android’s Ice cream sandwich version and a multi-touch screen is having. But when considering the camera this is the worst case among all other iPad alternatives.

Prices of iPad alternatives

You would think that iPad alternatives also may be at a higher price. But now you see that it’s not the truth but a false. So economical wise iPad alternatives presented up to now are alternatives for iPad

Nexus 7                                                                  150 EUR

Amazon kindle fire                                            299 USD

Galaxy note 10.1 N8010                                350 EUR

Galaxy P1000                                                     290 EUR

HTF flyer                                                               300 EUR

Dell Streak 7                                                         210 EUR

Huawei Media Pad                                             150 EUR

Micromax Fun book P300                             123 USD

IPad                                                                      499 USD

These are the top iPad alternatives we find today. I have prompted you some of the iPad alternatives’ prices for your consideration. But price doesn’t play the main role in selecting an iPad alternative also the reason why you need an iPad alternative, the way you are going to use it and how carefully you are going to use it. iPad alternatives mustn’t be just a hinge for iPad but a really a unique item like iPad that none can surpass with their features.If you have any idea about any other iPad alternatives or similar devices/Tablet PC(s) let Feel free to join the discussion .

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