iPad Mini

by djchamike on October 17, 2012

iPad Mini comes in October

iPad Mini is the newest unrevealed from the Apple Inc that is expected to be in the market by the mid of October most probably this week. We are eagerly waiting for iPad comes to our hand as we all know that Apple never releases off putting things that make us frustrating. Sometimes this will be the answer for Google’s Nexus 7. Apple’s next generation iPad Mini is with considerable less of weight.

The iPad coming is expected to be smaller in size, that’s 7.85 inches in diagonal. Someone may think that this much isn’t enough in size and may think that they need larger size like iPad but we know that size isn’t everything. Because iPad Mini is a mini not a iPad with 9.7 inches.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini with 7″ display

iPad Mini has a smaller port of dock and a headphone jack. iPad ‘s headphone is a cooler item that Apple has donated us as we know its headphone is an impressive feature that attract its consumers. Like in iPhone 5 we can have its jack replaced .Since iPad Mini has the same ratio between height and width in order not to have new dimension in iOS so it remains the same iOS s we found in iPad. So it’s pathetic to mention that iPad Mini doesn’t come with Retina quality but with the high quality graphic like in iPad 2.

Foxconn the motherboard manufacturing company along with Pegatron the design and electronic company that supports Apple Inc has contributed for iPad Mini. These two companies seems to have a become the great suppliers for Apple and even in this stuff either for the cool design and high performance .The display being 7 inches in size have a sporty look though it was believed to be in 5 inches with the same resolution.

iPad comes with iOS 6 the OS for iproducts with 163 ppi pixel density. This technical gadget comprises of IPS LCD technology showing 16 777 216 colors and it’s needn’t mention that it’s a touch screen one along with the capacitive multi touch enability. iPad Mini consists with light sensors , proximity sensors and a graphic processor. iPad Mini’s camera has a camcorder and you can have video calling using front facing camera (the quality?). iPad Mini consists with a Dual core A5 chip but this will never let you down through minimizing the power it delivers us like a iPad does. So we expect to have iPad Mini with performance with iPad does but may be less pixels.

iPad Mini will stands up to 10 hours with the battery it has. But the battery room is too small is said, so if you think 10 hours battery is enough it won’t bother you guys. But the case that they mentioned about the battery size make us suspicious about its thickness 7.2 mm. As the body of iPad is made of Aluminum this weighs less and would give scratches easily but the stuffs covers with a black layer on the back and is there are any scratches aluminum body emerges and would get deteriorate.

iPad Mini

fair price for iPad Mini

Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide display that makes the iPad cooler in appearance and let its users to handle it with great easier and more efficiency in power management through LCD display that consumes a little power. A leak from a German company says there are about 16 types of iPad Mini stuffs whose prices are expands from 250 Euros to 650 Euros but we can’t really believe whether this is true or not but if this will be a hot news for you. while you can have those types in Wi-Fi and cellular mode. It’s said to be that Apple is going to have 8 GB  16 GB and 64 GB iPad Mini while nexus offers just 8 and 16 GB types only in Wi-Fi mode. If you wish to have feel iPad Mini you can buy 8GB model at about 250 Euros that’s not a great price with other models and that’s the price it can be sold is said.very easy to handle and portable than any other iPad with less weight.Better try upcoming ipad mini and share your thoughts

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