iPad 3 vs iPad 2

by djchamike on August 2, 2012

iPad 3 vs iPad 2

Comparing iPad 3 vs iPad 2 ? There are several improvements on the New iPad, otherwise known as the iPad 3 ; iPad include LTE Tech and Retina display. Here we will see a comparison between the two most popular iOS tablets, the iPad 3 vs iPad 2 ; basically we want to know if an upgrade is really the way to go.


The New iPad has been available for a few weeks now, and just like other Apple products, has received an outstanding overnight popularity. Over three million of these devices have been placed for sale on different stores around the nation. This has re-established Apple as a leader in the tablet market.

Here we compare both units, iPad 2 vs iPad 3  , just to verify if the new model is really a top-notch device and acquire it, or if you should rather take advantage of the second generation’s price and go for it.

Design & Looks

Taking a look at both devices side-by-side, iPad 3 vs iPad 2, there is not much of a difference between them. Basically we see that this goes against Apple’s tradition of drastically altering the looks of devices as generations move on.

The firm has stayed on the 10” screen (9.7” to be precise), the same single-button in the same location as in the previous device and a 30 pin connector. As to the color arrangement, there have been no changes there; users can either pick the black or white models. As to weight, there is a difference of 51 to 55 grams when comparing iPad 2 vs iPad 3, this depending on if the device is a Wi-Fi only or also offers 4G internet connection.

The most prominent reason causing the difference in weight is the different battery of the New iPad, roughly doubling the size of the battery belonging to the iPad 2. There is a reason for this, the Retina Display tech, the quadruple core of the processor and the 4G tech require this additional power; without this enlargement of the battery and its power output, there would be no way to even approach the 10 hour battery life of the iPad 2. In this sense, when comparing iPad 2 vs iPad 3, the New iPad is clearly a winner because of what its batter permits.

In order to hold a larger battery on the New iPad, this new model is about half of a millimeter thicker than the iPad 2; actually this is not much of a noticeable difference, you would need to actually measure this to be able to spot it. We are talking less than 0.024 inches difference when comparing iPad 3 vs iPad 2.

Even though the iPad 2 is a bit (just a bit) thinner and lighter than the newer model, the New iPad comes along with some top-notch tech that broadly justifies the larger frame… and there is not difference when relating iPad 3 vs iPad 2 if it comes to looks and appearance.

I pad Retina Display – Check this out!

clip_image004This technology has been announced by Apple as the most impressive feature of the New iPad. It has a 2048 x 1536 resolution is double as that of the former iPad 2, and you can clearly notice this when analyzing iPad 2 vs iPad 3. The Retina Display is much more vibrant, more vivid than the tech provided in the iPad 2, and most noticeable when viewing HD media. Nevertheless, when you will perceive it the most is on plain text; the clarity, the lack of pixilation of the text is outstanding! When reading books, or browsing through webpages or even zooming in, it is quite remarkable. In addition to the leisure uses of this product, when it comes to business and evaluating iPad 2 vs iPad 3 , you can fully take advantage of the New iPad; you will find it easier to read PDFs and even to edit documents!

Currently there are only 48 applications (out of the many thousands available) that have been upgraded in order to truly take advantage of the tremendous Retina Display technology, for instance Twitter, Readability, Flipboard, Infinity Blade II and SketchBook Pro, among a few others. Of course that this is expected to increase in not too much time, but it is worthy to be mentioned and announced. So just give it time; this new generation of applications will demonstrate that in the battle of iPad 3 vs iPad 2, clearly the New iPad has a lot to offer.

Most applications that make full-use of the Retina Display are rather heavy applications, ranging from 500MB to 1GB; this is something to consider when buying the New iPad. If you intend to be much of a user of these apps, we recommend going after the 32GB model.

Honestly, the iPad 2 is still a fairly decent model with a high-quality display, it’s not bad… Although larger apps designed specifically to make use of the Retina Display will not provide any benefit to the iPad 2.

So, who is the winner?

To be perfectly honest, it is really hard to step down from the New iPad and go back to the iPad 2, specifically once you have been accustomed to the Retina Display. The decision is here: when evaluating iPad 2 vs iPad 3, clearly the New iPad is a keepers.

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