HOW TO TURN ON Zbigz PREMIUM ACCOUNT for FREE AND Download without Limits

by djchamike on May 11, 2013


Now most torrent downloaders don’t use torrent downloading software like utorrent to download torrents they simply use torrent caching sites like  ZbigZ.There are many famous online torrents caching  sites. ZbigZ is one of them. It’s an alternative to torrific.
The advantage of using ZbigZ is we can choose the file we want to download. This is more effective in downloading software’s/  TV serious when you have limited bandwidth .This is a benefit for users who are having the slow connections and pre-paid users.
Free Download Torrents Directly without limits

ZbigZ has two types of is a free and the other is a ZbigZ premium free account we can only download a file that is less than 2 GB  and the uploading and downloading speeds are slower. So in order to have a faster connection we need to have a premium account.


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Let’s look at how to turn on ZBIGZ  premium account

For Firefox this works 100%.
First of all install this add on to Firefox.
Then go to ZbigZ .make sure that you haven’t logged in.
Go to tools menu in the Firefox and select cookie manager
zbigz prenium
Select ZbigZ in the forthcoming window
zbigz prenium
Then we need to have the cookies.You Get the cookies from sites like 
After that copy the cookies
zbigz prenium
Select ZbigZ in the coming window. Click on the Edit tab and paste the cookies.
zbigz prenium
zbigz prenium
Now reload the page and see premium account is ON
zbigz prenium
Now you can download any torrent file with larger size. And the downloading ad the uploading speed are you can experience a great feel of downloading the torrent files from ZbigZ.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the way of handling this in Google chrome. But I hope to let you know that in the near future.So if you are using fie fox then you can try this. I think these steps really help you to have a ZbigZ premium account is ON.So try them and let us know any problem regarding turning ON ZbigZ premium account.

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