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by djchamike on September 3, 2012

Demonoid Alternative BitTorrent providers

Looking for a Demonoid alternative? You can find some of them here. Demoniod has been the best Bit Torrent tracker so far, but now it is done. Demonoid permanently down leaving its millions of users to find Demonoid alternative torrent providers. Lots of users of Demonoid have been found constantly complaining about Demonoid alternative sites lacking the services as provided by Demonoid.

Demonoid alternative

Real time Server Status

Demonoid users claim that they have found no site that can be used as Demonoid alternative because they lack those features like the Demonoid community, list of all torrents and easy search options etc. About 3 million users of Demonoid are upset and angry because they are unable to find reliable Demonoid alternative sites that can provide useful torrents. However, you need to find a Demonoid alternative for the time being.  There are many Demonoid alternative sites which provide a wide range of Torrent clients such as comics, eBooks, music, movies and more. You may not find them as efficient as a Demonoid alternative must expected to be but they are pretty well. Some of them are:,,,,, (widely used now days),,, etc.

Among the listed Demonoid alternative sites here are some of their features

Demonoid alternative

This is an open torrent source tracker and it is now one of the mostly used torrent client in the world. It can be considered a good Demonoid alternative.

Its server is at Finland, it is basically a torrent search engine kind of site which is run by a person name Flippy. It provides you a list of torrent sites that offer you your required torrent, and provides an overview about the torrent health and user comments.


It is considered the youngest site among the list of BitTorrent providers. It is gaining popularity very fastly.


This is a BitTorrent client which has over 1.7 billion torrents in its database and is the only server that has 20 million peers.


This site is a new one in the Torrent world and for now it is only providing the television related content.

Hope this lists helps you find out a good Demonoid alternative and keeps you going on.

There are so many torrents sites but still 100% alternative site is missing for Demonoid as we miss for torrific ,Best of luck, and happy torrenting 😀

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