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by djchamike on July 26, 2012

Crysis 3 system requirements with game play

Crysis 3 is a new video game which is still under development by Electronic Arts (EA). The game is expected to release in 2013 but the information was leaked by EA accidently. Crysis 3 is third part of this sequel. Crysis 3 can be run on Play Station 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360.

The system requirements for Crysis 3 are almost same as in Crysis 2. Both parts of the games are powered by same game engine which is CryEngine. The system requirements of Crysis 3 are quite high as usual

Crysis 3 system requirements

  • 2.8 GHZ dual core or more processor
  • 2GB or more RAM
  • DirectX with 10 Graphic Card along with 1GB Ram
  • Windows Vista Operating System
  • More than 16 GB free space of Hard Drive

Crysis Story 

The theme of the game is same as in previous parts of this sequel it is an urban battle takes part in New York City. Player becomes the Prophet again that comes to save the New York City from giant Nanodome which is made by corrupt cell corporation. Over grown trees, statue of liberty, furious rivers are the main backgrounds where the battle takes place.

The game play

You can see seven different environments which are called seven wonders. The plot of Crysis3 is futuristic where Prophet is back to save the city after 24 years of Crysis2 battle. The prophet says he wants to take the revenge after knowing about the activities of corrupt cell corporation. The citizen do not know about the activities of corrupt cell as they though the city is going to be restructured for their protection but, actually these giant Nanodomes are used to grab the technology as well as land for the purpose of global dominance.Overall Crysis 3 is an amazing game for those who love urban fighting games and also played other parts of Crysis sequel.As you all i’m waiting for playing Crysis 3.

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