Apple iWatch, the future of Sony smartwatch

by djchamike on October 23, 2012

Apple iWatch, the future “Wristtop”

The time is not so far that we wear a smart PC on our wrist and it’s been trued by designing apple iWatch. As usual Apple has given a modified appearance to the smartwatch available today. Thinner and lighter equipment than we see now. Unlike Sony’s smartwatch Apple’s iWatch has a long-lasting battery life and as I think this would lead a trend to wear the watches again. Wearing watches isn’t common today since we meet mobiles today and some people say they have completely said goodbye to watches due to mobiles. But this iWatch may lead us to have a trend again to wear them as our fathers did. 😛

apple iWatch

longer battery life

iWatch doesn’t have a color display like Sony’s smartwatch and instead of that it has a charm display but a cool and impressive one and not a OLED either. Its display look like a traditional wristwatch but in e-ink colors usually black. That’s why I mention its battery; a rechargeable Li- ion battery would last a longer period than that of Sony as it consumes less.

iWatch is really a conceptual watch that we can keep hopes which kinda watches would come in the near future and this product along with Sony and pebble watch pave the way for that.Apple iWatch comprises of a Retina display comes with a 8MP camera and its full face size and not look like there’s a camera coming with. This camera also have the HD video capturing.

8MP camera with HD and Wi-Fi

As said earlier this is not really a watch but the model of the next generation’s computer. This iWatch consists of Blue toot and Wi-Fi facility. Bluetooth is essential to connect the watch and the Smartphone. Bluetooth is the transferring medium that connects Apple iWatch and Smartphone. We can have news , emails, updates, weather reports etc on this iWatch and first those data comes to the Smartphone and then those data is transferred to watch. This includes the v4.0 Bluetooth generation and light sensors, proximity sensors and an accelerometer either. The amazing thing is it has a 16 GB storage and can you believe this, 16 GB capacity on a wrist watch we wear.

You wear you iPod nano on your wrist and this lets you easily turn the iPod to multifunctional and via Bluetooth earphones and the iWatch is connected. This is a secure way of having your iPod as we always see that we are wearing that none can steal that and gives a stylish look to us; the younger generation. You find no need of pulling out your iPod or rather your Smartphone out of the pocket so as to manage audio and in Smartphone wise SMS and emails too. And you have whole the world on your wrist via Google map and can have iTunes and Appstore.

apple iWatch

One thing to be added at last; iWatch is available in 8 wristbands according to your personal desire. It is a metallic band and stylish and fashionable that certainly match with iWatch that is expected to be at about $199.

So buy apple iWatch and feel the future that won’t be tomorrow but today.

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Ajay Yadav November 15, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Tell me…………which date release this iwatch phone?

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