Zbigz & bitlet alternative for direct torrent download

by djchamike on October 11, 2012

Zbigz , bitlet,torrent2exe & wyzo :download torrent directly using IDM

Torrific .com was the biggest partner and the most charismatic online service that let you direct torrent download; today people are eagerly searching for as torrific alternatives .Torrific .com was a swift http network access to bit torrent that could be relied on. But due to the so-called intelligence property violations or as they say it engaged in transgressions of copyrighted properties finally it had to say good bye to the yeomen service it delivered.Torrific that let us find and convert it to a direct download link was really cool sites that now people are searching for torrific alternatives.

Torrific alternatives that will do direct torrent download must meet the features torrific consisted of unless those services wouldn’t be among people as they can’t yield what people need. So we come across with a lot direct torrent download or torrifc alternatives.

According to the statistic we find that mots of net users have become the fans of internet down load manager that could be used to direct torrent download through Zbigz; a torrific alternative that most dealing with. Zbigz; a torrific alternative that requires no registration into the site and enables direct torrent download free just a few clicks and then the download begins.

Lets have a look how Zbigz,our torrific alternative works

  1. Type www.Zbigz.com and visit the site.
  2. Here is a choice that you have to made at your sign up
    1. Free account
    2. Premium account
  3. Copy the .torrent link or the magnetic link or otherwise upload the .torrent file that you have already downloaded.
  4. Click “go”.
  5. A window will pop up and ask for free account or the premium account.
  6. Supposing you have a free account go for it and now your files are being downloaded to Zbigz’z servers. Direct torrent download will be in as a zip file through torrific alternative.
  7. Click on “zip” and the torrent will be in IDM
  8. Download the zip file through IDM that is compatible with Zbigz; a torriifc alternative.

direct torrent download

The speed of direct torrent download through IDM will depend on your internet connection although the downloading speed to Zbigz is higher.

Actually I don’t understand the situation why those sophisticated people want to keep those copyright with them unless they can’t be available or not reachable for normal people. It’s true that those advanced persons also found those matters with great effect but my opinion is these things must be at a fair price if they don’t want to have sites like torrific.com or later torrific alternatives for direct torrent download.

Here’s another torrific alternative that comes to direct torrent download. But it’s very hard to find a cool site that does the same as torrific.com.It’s Bitlet.Org that is an online solution of a torrific alternative for direct torrent download. You can download any .torrent file without the help of an third party software that ‘s to say you can have direct torrent download with bit torrent using your web browser and no more messy stuffs. So have a visit to www.bitlet.org

How to direct torrent download from bitlet.org a torrififc alternative

  1. Type (or copy ) the URL of any file with the extension of .torrent and click “download torrent”.
  2. A window will pop up and say “loading machine” that will take some times to load.
  3. Then you have to give the location where the torrent file should be placed.
  4. Then you click on “start download” by bitlet.org a torrififc alternative.

Please be kind enough to remember this application based on java and you have to install java plugings before this torrific alternative to direct torrent download. Any changes you wish to have on Bitlet.org the torrific alternative can be made through the settings tab.

Yet there’s another torrific alternative to direct torrent download called “torrent2exe”.

This is also look like botlet.org as it needn’t any third-party application. That’s because it get self developed according to the .torrent you download (AI ?) you can visit www.torrent2exe.com

Download .exe of torrent;a torrific alternative

How direct torrent download through Torrent2exe.com ?

  1. Go to www.torrent2exe.com a torrific alternative.
  2. You can either copy paste the URL or if you have already downloaded the .torrent you can just upload the file that you want to download.
  3. Select any option that you see in the next window normal size or small size; but no distinguished difference between them.
  4. In order to create a .exe setup file of their own torrent file click on the “direct URL of .exe file”
  5. Start download.
  6. File in KB size can be downloaded , a small file.
  7. Save that file on desktop and open it. A window will pop up and ask to block or unblock the feature where you have to choose unblock to use torrific alternative for direct torrent download.
  8. And finally here we are going to download the .exe file of the torrent file you wanted to download.

Another torrific alternative for direct torrent download is Wyzo browser. A browser powered by Mozilla and this browser accelerate the downloads that let you downloads via just a click the feature includes instigation of BitTorrent visit this torrific alternative www.wyzo.com

These are the free sites that let you have torrific alternatives while there are many sites that you have to pay yet it’s impossible to find a torrific alternative that does direct torrent download as torrific.com did

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