Windows 8 New Features & review

by djchamike on September 29, 2012

Even today windows OSes are running on 90% of the computers in the may be windows XP, Vista, seven or previous releases of its. So I think it’s fair to say the competition is among various windows versions rather than windows and non-windows. Now the time has come for the latest windows release “windows 8”, much pretty OS. Its beta version is available for the windows very first day of its release one million has downloaded the beta version.

Windows 8 gets a new user interface :Windows 8 New Features & review 

New GUI coming with windows 8 is “metro” (this is how they called it now), suitable for 64 bit computers and consumes 170 MB of VGA. this is said to be a jump of “Aero” we meet in windows 7. Let me guys to surprise you by saying this GUI is having a 3D view that can be seen even on old monitors. Windows hopes to have a completely different appearance than windows 7.this is a colorful GUI with brick shaped tiles.

Windows 8 runs on not only on Intel and AMDX86 but also on mobiles having ARM microchip

Windows 8

Window’s flag goes away

95.i think it’s better to change it as we saw it on every versions before. This is because its GUI is according to metro the logo also has to be changed. We can’t see a window with 4 colors as before instead of that we see the metro interface in blue color. This is a design of “pentagram”. My personal idea is this metro interface is better in windows 8.

Windows 8 – System requirements

Since Windows 8 setup is coming with a built in compatibility check it’s easily get it done what requirements are needed. So you can download windows 8 consumer preview free and check for it. If you PC meets enough requirements to install OS there you install windows 8. Unless it pops up a dialog box showing what is needed. Since windows 8 have colorful high performances it needs DirectX graphics. Microsoft says they have developed the compatibilities of DirectX in order to meet the requirements on OS.DirectX 11.1 which is supported for AMD Radeon HD 7970 and NVidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti supports windows 8. Now let’s turn to your BIOS. Since  OS is having a feature called Data Execution Prevention, that eliminate running of some codes with misbehavior or rather a it’s recommended to have BIOS with DEP enabled.(Pentium 4 and so earlier systems don’t have this facility.) UEFI BIOS is also needed for a secure boot. So it’s better to have your BIOS updated. It’s better if you can use a key board and a mouse from Microsoft hardware.

Here comes Windows 8 -128 bit

Like other versions windows 8 don’t have 32 and 64 bit versions, instead of that we have 64 and 128 bit versions. It elaborate with the arrival of windows 8 Microsoft is going to say good bye to 32 bit systems like they did in 7.

Windows 8 can boot within a few seconds than 7 it almost about 18 seconds. When comparing to windows 7 it’s about 50% lesser. It’s by improving the “sleep” command we know. The shutting down is also the same, it’s about 8 seconds. (This is on high performing computers, but don’t panic this is reachable in others also)

File management is also has  high performance than that of previous releases. It shows all the files by the time you handle Pc and gives the destination either and those can be terminate independently of the other.

Windows 8 Facial recognition

Here comes a new technology called” facial recognition” for OS with leads us to have a new dimension of having passwords. The user can use his webcam. Then the OS recognize the face and later it logs user’s photo can be used instead of text in user account. If there are many users the faces of those users must be fed to account in order them to log in. this feature comes with connecting the PC to cloud Computing.

Windows Apps- a competition to Apple Apps?

You need not to go for a shop and ask for windows 8 soft wares since now you can get them from App Store. Those Apps can be bought online and install them to your PC.

New chip sets for windows 8

Microsoft says windows 8 needs new chipsets compatible with OS and those will be working with USB 3.0 technology. Not only that but also Bluetooth 3.0 and 3D technology meets Windows 8, which is most suitable for multimedia.

But in the market Windows 8 has to face great competition as OS X Lion from Apple, Chrome OS from Google and OSes based on Linux are going to be released to market and they are charismatic and user loving. however to have a good competition mobile market Windows phones must have cooler features running on windows 8 since their prices are at a high price comparing to Android and Apple products.

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