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by djchamike on August 19, 2012

Virtualization software

Virtualization software

Virtualization is creating a virtual version of something, for example a hardware platform, operating system, storage device. Virtualization tools help many purposes related to planning, implementation, and maintenance of virtualized environments. Virtualization tools used to run an other operating system on your machine. It helps you to run more than one operating systems on same machine. You can use them and run two operating systems at a time, without causing any disturbance to your existing setup. Or, you can use your previous OS over your upgraded OS to run the old programs that are not supported by the new OS. Or, if you wish to use different versions of software you can install one in the existing OS and the other one in the virtual Operating system.

You can use virtualization tool for example Apple Boot Camp or Parallels to run windows on mac operating system. Virtual PC programs from Microsoft used to run Linux, Dos or any other OS on your windows PC.The big virtualization management environments are available by the vendors like VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and Red Hat. Each of them has announced virtual environment management capabilities.

VMware management capabilities being challenged by Citrix, Microsoft and Red Hat. VMware is thought to remain king of the virtualized system era, at least for the near future.

Using virtualization software for windows like:a Virtual PC, VMware, requires your computer to have processors that supports virtualization. Most of the new processors already support hardware virtualization. If your processor inside your windows OS supports virtualization but you still have problem with using the virtualization tools then you will have to configure the settings from BIOS setup. Microsoft is offering an easy guide for you to help you do this. If you have an old processor and it does not support virtualization then you can use the virtualization tools like Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, or Virtual Box, these tools don’t require processor compatibility.

Virtualization tools

Windows Virtual PC tool designed for running earlier versions of windows in the latest one, seamlessly inside window 7. By this setup the virtualization at your desktop is made even easier and featured. Programs or software that installed on the virtual OS shown in the start menu of the host operating system. Windows Virtual PC can run on all the versions of the window 7. It can run windows XP as well as can also use a virtual Pc to run windows Vista, windows 2000 and even for some of Linux versions. A virtual Personal Computer offers some of the unique features, like you can save the changes that you made on a separate hard drive which is virtual hard drive, as it is virtual, so you can undo and roll back all the changes you made in the virtual machine. The Windows Virtual PC requires processor that supports virtualization and this won’t run on the system that doesn’t support it.

The Virtual PC 2007 doesn’t require any hardware virtualization compatibility.

The VMware virtualization tool is free for download on the internet. It is so far the most powerful and useful virtualization tool. VMware player is a complete desktop virtualization tool that helps you to manage, create and operate any virtual machine.

VMware Player is a tool that supports sending print commands to the printer which it finds attached to the 64-bit host operating system. It allows you running programs in union with the programs in the main operating system i.e. programs from virtual machines can run with the main OS running programs.

Microsoft has taken much time to enter in the virtualization game. Microsoft as three free available virtualization tools that are available for use and all are suitable for testing environments.

There are also other popular virtualization tools like SUN vitualbox and Xen.  But a widest array of people chooses VMware as their virtual assistant, as it offers all the possible assistance. So if you have more simpler needs, any of the other available software’s can also do well.Feel free to ask any question ,subscribe or check my related posts

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