22+ Smart Ways To Use Dropbox-Download torrents,The Ultimate Dropbox tutorials and tricks

by djchamike on June 15, 2012

The Ultimate Dropbox tutorials and tricks

You always get the feeling that on any day you tend to forget things. Think about it, like you forget some files on your computer that you needed badly for work. You can’t just walk out on your job just to go back home and pick it up and that’s where cloud storage has changed much of the way we do work these days. File sharing capacities have been stepped up a couple of notches higher and that’s what Dropbox allows users to do.

Dropbox is a free service which starts at 2GB. Additional amounts of storage though will cost you money and that sounds fair. Other options offer 50GB at 10 dollars a month or you could go for 100GB which costs 20 dollars.

Other ways of getting some extra space includes using their latest build which is Dropbox for Photos. This will boost your storage by up to 4.5GB. Sharing the news about Dropbox also earns you extra space. Referrals earn you 512MB as well as connecting your account to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

If you are still new to Dropbox, You can find  “How to setup Dropbox account” on my pervious article,it includes how-to video tutorial

Dropbox on the Go

You can now take Dropbox with you. Simply install DropBoxPortableAHK to a USB stick or any portable flash disk and you’ll be able to access your Dropbox anywhere you go every time you plug it into a device. Think of it as your access to your files even when you’re not at home.

Start Downloading Bittorrent Away from Home

This works when you leave your computer on at home and a Bittorrent client like uTorrent or Transmission is running. You can actually start a torrent file download and begin file transfer for any movie, game or music files you want through Dropbox. This simply  requires that you put the destination folder into your Dropbox folders and you can automatically load torrents from your folder and these Bittorrent clients often just start the download for you. You’ll find the download ready by the time you get back home.


Dropbox – Your Documents and Backups Folder All in One Location

People often forget one simple rule in computer data and that is to have it backed up. With Dropbox, it doesn’t have to be on your machine because when your computer crashes or needs repair, you may have to wait a bit before you can retrieve those files. With Dropbox you can save yourself the trouble of losing important files. Your storage is not literally on-site as you can easily access it through other devices with Dropbox and an internet connection.

Doing this is simple. Simply access your My Documents folder and right-click on it. Choose the location tab and click on “Move” and place your Dropbox folder as the destination. A prompt message will ask you if you want to move your files, click on yes and you will be all set.

You will now have a folder which will be in-sync with your My Documents folder. Any changes you make in that folder will also reflect on your Dropbox so make sure of whatever you delete on there as your backups go as well. The great thing about this is that you can actually do this on more than just one device and share your files across other devices you own.


Keep Passwords In-Sync Using KeePass

Passwords are important when you work and sometimes the trouble is that you need to remember them all or keep a copy secured. With KeePass you get a good application which not only keeps your passwords in the lock but provides high level encryption to ensure nobody knows.

Working with Dropbox, you can store your passwords and their key files. You’ll be able to apply and have the same passwords on all the computers you have your Dropbox installed to.


Keeping Photos Backed Up with Dropbox

Photos are one of the many pleasures we enjoy these days and you never know what happens to your devices. There is always a chance that you may lose your photos and there could be a hundred possible reasons how that can happen. Now with Dropbox, you can easily move your files into a folder where it can be synced and you will always have a copy of them. (more).


Running Simultaneous Instances on Mac

Having more than one Dropbox account helps you keep thing organized. You may have one for use in your work and another for personal files. With people always looking to options for multitasking it gives rise to the problem of having two Dropbox instances running at the same time. On a normal setup, you will not  able to do this. However, you can make use of an application called DropboxEncore which will allow you to run two instances at the same time. It will give you plenty to  happy about with regards to file sharing on two accounts.


Running Simultaneous Instances on Windows

It will take a couple of steps. Here is the step-by-step instruction on how you can run simultaneous instances on your Windows Vista or 7 computers.

Get Your Files Deliver via Airdropper

Sometimes you need to access and send some files from public sites and onto your Dropbox in a more straightforward manner. With Airdropper, you can do just that and in no time you can transfer any file you want to move through it.


Keep Your Firefox Extensions Secure and In-Sync

Where programs like Xmarks have failed, Dropbox can actually do for you across multiple platforms. You are guaranteed to keep your Firefox profile and extensions all secure across PC, Mac and Linux and with no hassles.

Keep Up-to-Date with Your Thunderbird E-mails

Keeping up with your e-mails can be very important and sometimes the trouble of having to redownload everything onto another machine is just too much of a hassle. What you can do is follow these instructions and send them to Dropbox instead. It’ll be a lot simpler.

Store E-mail Attachments Directly to Dropbox

With the use of Maildrop, you can apply this add-on onto your Dropbox service and this will give you the option to have all your mail attachments sent to your Dropbox folder for safekeeping and backup. It’s one way to get around all the messy jobs that some people make with organizing their files.

Save Your IM Archives into Dropbox

With IM clients like Digsby, Pidgin or Admium you can keep all your logs in one place. Dropbox is so flexible as it is typically just a file folder. With these steps you can switch over all your IM logs into one place.

  1. Create a folder for IM Logs on Dropbox.
  2. Make sure that your IM client is closed.
  3. Open the destination folder for all your IM logs and copy the logs into your IM Logs folder in Dropbox.
  4. Restart your IM client and tweak with the settings. Simply switch the destination folder onto the one that is in your Dropbox and you’re done.

Share/Sync  Windows Save Games Across Multiple Computers

It is one great trick that can be done through Dropbox. Playing a game that has a save point that is only on your computer at home can be a downer at times. With Dropbox you can pick off where you left off and play it in your friend’s house or any place where the game and an internet connection is available. You can do this by simply replacing the paths to your “My Games” folder locally and switch it to your Dropbox. Here are some of the commands to do this.

Windows XP

junction “C:Documents and SettingsUserNameMy DocumentsMy DropboxMy Games” “C:Documents and SettingsUserNameMy DocumentsMy Games”

mklink /D “C:Documents and SettingsUserNameMy DocumentsMy DropboxMy Games” “C:Documents and SettingsUserNameMy DocumentsMy Games”

Windows Vista

junction “C:UsersUserNameDocumentsMy DropboxMy Games” “C:UsersUserNameDocumentsMy Games”

mklink /D “C:UsersUserNameDocumentsMy DropboxMy Games” “C:UsersUserNameDocumentsMy Games”

You can also use the app Dropboxifier which is a big hand in making it simple for you to add folders in Dropbox and creating much needed symbolic links.


Create a Shared Drive for Remote Employees/Students etc.

With Dropbox you can make use of the storage as a network drive for you and several employees. A group project requires constant file-sharing and with Dropbox you can do just that by simply being able to share it with other team members. It basically serves as a base for files. You can place the following inside a company drive but never limited to the following.

  1. Process Documents
  2. Product Development
  3. Client Folders
  4. Drafts / Ideas

In some instances when files have accidentally been removed, Dropbox offers options where an administrator or account owner has the ability to change or undo the history for 30 days which is great for retrieving files. It would mean that changes can be tracked and if necessary undone to keep things going.


Save PDF Files for Later Reading

This is intended for Mac users. You can save content off websites and onto your Dropbox folder and keep it there for reading later. This is a quick tip and here are the steps involved.

  1. Go and access your /Library folder
  2. If a folder doesn’t exist you can create one in “/Library” and label it as “PDF Services”
  3. Create an alias for your “Dropbox” folder and drag it into the “/Library/PDF Services” folder
  4. Open a URL of the content you wish to save for reading and select Print
  5. Click the PDF dropdown option
  6. A “Dropdown alias” should appear. Click it to save the website as a PDF file on your Dropbox


Dropbox as Your Personal SVN

For developers who write software and applications, Dropbox can be used as an SVN repository. You can do this by simply creating a folder named SVN repository on Dropbox and use as a destination folder the URL of that folder, ex.: file:///C:/path/to/dropbox/folder/myrepo

Needing more help in setting up a local repository? Check this out.

Dropbox for Showing of Design Mockups

For web designers, this is the perfect way to spread the news about your website and gather feedback. You can save and share your design out by using Dropbox instead of using a server or hosting it unnecessarily. You simply have to get a public URL for your site. Share it with your friends and clients to get useful feedback that will aid you in your design. It is also automatically updated every time you save which means no need for maintenance and updating.


Host Static Websites with Dropbox

DropPages is a great application which you can use to view static websites via Dropbox. All you need to do is edit the files on your computer as they are synced automatically by the service. Once that’s ready, setup is fast and simple. You can share the folder to DropPages and the rest is done by them. For  a short wait, you can check on the static website.


Access Books through Your Apple Device

Recently, an application was created for iPhones to access the Dropbox web  application which allows users to access their files on directly through the iPhone or other Apple devices like the iPad and iPod Touch.


This connectivity allows for files like PDFs to be viewable on the local browser. You can read your books on Dropbox by opening them on Safari in your Apple device. The same goes for other files such as airline or travel iteneraries, bills and other documents you might need scanning through.

Sync Your iTunes Content Wherever You Go

This is the best solution to perhaps the annoying problem of having different music across different computers, especially if one of your devices is a Mac and the other is a PC. With DropBox you get to have the same iTunes library across both devices by simply syncing your Music folders in it. You may need a lot of storage in this case and you might consider getting an upgrade. Perhaps a 50GB upgrade for $9.99 will do the trick.

How do you do it? Well here are the steps.

  • Move your iTunes library folder to a Folder on your Dropbox (i.e. music/itunes)
  • Start iTunes with shift pressed (option on OSX)
  • It’ll pop up with a box asking for you to choose the library, simply choose the location on the Dropbox

More on Source

Keep Your Best Wallpapers

This is a simple tip. Just save all your wallpapers in one place and keep it on Dropbox and you’re guaranteed to never lose them.

Track Your Equipment in Case They Get Stolen

It’s one cool trick which thieves may not be aware of. Dropbox can play a big part in tracing what they do as well as finding out the location of your device. The best way to do this is to install a Keylogger onto your system and run in the background. Set it up to store all logs to your Dropbox folder. Anyone who steals your computer or uses it without your knowledge can be have their actions monitored. You’ll be able to check on the logs and everything that they do on your computer.



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