Torrific alternative sites With Ultimate Torrent speed up Guide

by djchamike on October 29, 2012

Ultimate Torrent milking guide ; Download torrents  from download managers !

Not only Author of this guide but I’m a huge fan of that given me both direct and faster torrent downloads In addition, torrific is the best i ever had for downloading torrents directly without any effort. But After S.O.P.A. we lost those services ,so we/I seeking for better alternatives to the mean time I will follow-up with basic and advanced methods to speed up torrent download speed from bit torrent clients.

As a result(S.O.P.A.),here I created few ways to optimize your torrent downloads.I mainly consider following So cold micro niches

  • Torrific Alternatives
  • Torrents via Drop box?
  • How to Increase Torrent Download Speed
  • Important tips to increase torrent
  • How to download torrents from iPad?

Torrent speed

Torrific alternative

Zbigz is site that works similar to the torrific site and free to use with some restrictions.Read My Zbigz review/How to article. Do not forget to leave and read comments because there are some advantages and disadvantages about this site according to the commenters.Yes i have learned some hacks from commenters too!  😉 Another alternative have premier option for torrific it includes more features and this site is like torrent and storage  all-rounder ! It supports Rapidshare links, plays a role as an online backup platform by uploading files from their computer etc. Premium Users can download torrent files at a rapid speed to a remote server. But you get only 1GB space freely. If you  ambitious of getting more space that you need is to do is just referring your friends.Do not worry ,I have way to download more space from site ;). Download Resume capable torrents with download manager like IDM.

Torrents from ! Java powered Torrific Alternative

Another site for direct & free torrent downloads.This time java involved.Yes it is java powered alternative site for torrific, etc.Check my article about bitlet, also you can find some valuable is not completely identical like Torrific since torrific first download the files ,and then made available as http downloads to you.But it it worth trying site for direct torrent downloads

Boxopus , Torrents from Dropbox

GO to this site and try their services because it is working and not working type. I mean sometimes Dropbox API is not for them.Better try yourself.You can download torrents directly to your Dropbox account.

Boxopus working Again & torrents from Boxopus

For Dropbox and torrent  Lovers here you can find some more! Nothing much ,read my articles.

This is my Ultimate Dropbox hacks.

Torrent2exe , Zbigz & Guide

Some combination of  Direct torrents download methods.This  Include  sites like WYZO & Torrent2eEXE .Read on LoonyStuff

What is ? It is another site for download torrents dicectly.As they mentioned It offered

  • Supercharged Download speeds
  • BitTorrent Integration

Check WYZO guide (I never tested this site,if you do,do not forget to leave a comment.)

How to download Torrents from iPad or from your iDevice?

As always apple restrictions (Stick to android 😉 ) it is almost impossible to have a BitTorrent client to download torrents from iPad.With previously mentioned sites(some) you can download torrents from iPad Or you can use this method(iTransmission) to Download Torrents from your iDevice

How to Increase Torrent Download Speed

You just followed Downloading torrents with alternative ways now it is time to think about download clients like bit torrents ,utorrent (my #1 choice),the intended method to download torrents with greater  speeds.Here is my tutorials.In my first Torrent Speed up hack i wrote most suitable and working ways to Increase  torrent download speed.It includes almost all working trackers from the internet 😉

  • Adding torrent trackers( it increase seeds and peers)
  • Increase the number of Max Half Open TCP connections  (only for xp users)
  • Another free service (   {yes we do not have this,try the alternatives that we discussed}
Torrents for beginners ,first follow this speed up Torrent  Tutorial.This includes basic methods ,how they works etc.If you are newbie to the torrents downloading,internet or your operating systems this article is for you!
Yet another collection some hacks and facts.This includes Basic facts and How to speed torrent download and how it really works.
This is another mix of methods, simple but working.Include how to add Trackers from HASH etc.You can see some screenshots too.
If you have any ideas, new sites or other proven methods for speed up torrent download,torrents for iPad or same sites likes feel free to join the discussion.Leave us a comment.Hope you enjoyed my torrent milking guide with most up to date torrific alternative sites.

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Millie November 4, 2012 at 1:03 pm

Thank u, what a great review! I see u didn’t mention torch browser, do u not know it?

djchamike November 5, 2012 at 3:33 pm

Thank you Millie 🙂 , no i did not but now i know.I will try it and will update or add new article. cheers

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