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by djchamike on July 3, 2012

Push torrents to your Dropbox


Screenshot from boxopus

Direct download for torrents? now with “Boxopus” yes we had torrific and Famous torrific alternative : zgigz.but now we don’t have them thanks to our beloved  (#$@#$$) SOPA.With recently posted Dropbox tricks, I found easy way to download torrents via Dropbox.So i wrote small walkthrough about it and leave it in my drafts until  i have some experience,knowledge and testing time.

It is called Boxopus it allows user to download torrents via Dropbox,it means download torrents to Dropbox.

But AGAIN ! This is what happen :

dropbox to torrents

I will share some few screenshots for you, because i already collected and it will give some idea  about their interface!


Today (03/07/2012) i tried to sign up for their service and they ask for “Invite code” , Then i tried their alternative method : “sign up using Email” and got this message “Thanks! We’ll be in touch with you soon”who knows what will happen,but lets hope Boxopus team will fix this privacy issues and come back to serve Us! <3

Here are the screenshots and walk-through (lol , so simple),Join the discusses and share your thoughts !

Easy 3 steps!




Please feel free to share your valuable ides and join the discuss.If you know similar tricks: “downloading torrents to Dropbox”  Now it’s the time

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jenes July 3, 2012 at 5:25 pm

It was a good Project …. but its dead now.Let's wait and see

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