Torch web browser

by djchamike on November 9, 2012

Torch browser; Torch web browser review

Torch web browser is an all rounded web browser we find today among many other web browsers. We are having lot web browsers today that need additional plugins or the installed software. But Torch web browser needs no that kinda things as it comes with its own features consist of all the technical facilities we need.

Torch web browser

Fast and secure surfing with direct torrent download through Torch web browser

Just thing about other web browsers, are they capable of giving you all the needs you want to have? Surely the answer is no. but now the time has come to say yes. That’s because of this web browser Torch. In briefly this web browser is a collaboration of social Medias, download manager and a torrent engine.

So it’s obvious that Torch is not merely a web browser, a web browser more than we see. You may think as torch is new to world it would take much browsing time than the other web browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox do. But it’s not so. It really fast as the other web browsers.  That’s just because of it is based on Chromium source code. Chromium code is the source code structure we find in Google chrome as well. So you needn’t to hesitate to use Torch. On the other hand it gives you safer browsing as other top rated web browsers do. It avoids surfing into fake web sites, spam, spyware, phishing and many other malicious applications meet during surfing the internet.

Torch web browser: Download torrents without torrent client and software based torrific alternative

Torch web browser has its own in built torrent downloading feature. That means we don’t want to find the favor of any torrent downloading software such as BitTorrent, microtorrent  in order to download torrents. May Torch’s in built torrent down loader will be a Torrific alternative .Today most of the net users searching for Torrific alternative, as I think the Torch developers have understood this phenomenon and here comes what the world are searching for. Due to it’s in built torrent downloader, torrent files can be downloaded faster, because the browser has its own compatibility to download torrents.

Torch web browser

In built media download

If we need to login to any social network what we do is just searching for a search on the net or having a bookmark to that particular social network. But here comes an in built feature in Torch to login easily. When you click the “heart” button you will directly connect with Facebook or Twitter. On your first login you must give Torch the authentication to login to those networks as we do normally. After that it’s just a click away and you login. So actually it’s kinda having a bookmark on those particular sites. Without login to Facebook or Twitter we can share our statements, pictures and videos. As I think it’s good remedy for the ones addicted to such social networks.

Why should we a download manager soft wares is clear to everyone, that’s just because we dint have any in-built downloading software with the browser. For an instance have a look at YouTube. You must have IDM, speed bit video downloads or YouTube download to download YouTube videos. Those are software we should install. But here in Torch browser we meet its in-built download managing feature. If you need to download any media file it’s a just a click. No messing. So you can download songs and videos

Torch browser with fast and secure surfing lets the world to have an all in one web browser having social networking, media downloading and torrent download just one click away. Torch web browser, a light to your life.

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