Team viewer alternative, same as Team viewer

by djchamike on August 10, 2012

Team viewer alternative, same as Team viewer

Team viewer alternative

Looking for a team viewer alternative? You can find many team viewer alternative software that are for use and provide enough assistance like team viewer.  Team viewer is thought to be the most secure and easy desktop sharing software. It enables you to develop remote connection with any computer that is at any other place, and you can use it just like you were sitting next to it. Today we find many team viewer alternative applications that strive to provide that much support. If you have a look over that popularity of team viewer it’s really difficult to challenge that is the most recognizable software so far. To find a trustworthy alternative is itself a difficult task.  One reason to find a team viewer alternative might be that it does not come for free, you have to pay a lot of money to buy team viewer license for your computer. Let us have a look at the team viewer alternative software that are free for use and provide you equivalent functionality:

ScreenConnect: A flexible Team viewer alternative

ScreenConnect is ought to be a powerful team viewer alternative. It is just like team viewer, but the difference comes when we talk about its price and the interface design. To prove itself to be a good team viewer alternative it offers you low price, unlimited number of connections, no pre installation required, licensing for unlimited user access.

SkyRemote: Team viewer alternative using Skype

SkyRemote enables you to share desktop with any user using Skype. It is also a good team viewer alternative. SkyRemote enables you share and control any remote desktop, share file and other information, all this with your secure Skype connection. One drawback of this team viewer alternative is that it can be used among your Skype connections only and they require SkyRemote pre-installed with their Skype.

Chrome Remote Desktop: Chrome browser itself a Team viewer alternative

Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access any computer using the chrome browser or Chrome book.  So far we have the BETA version of this team viewer alternative, to demonstrate the feedback of the users regarding its functionality. It is aimed at providing remote help to the users. Helpdesk is capable of providing all support and only requires the user to have a chrome browser. It is capable of connecting two computers that have Chrome browser, includes Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome books.

Ammyy Admin: A reliable Team viewer alternative

It requires no installation and can connect to the remote computers in seconds. It is used mostly for providing assistance, administration or teaching purposes for the remote computers.

Mikiogo: A safe Team viewer alternative

Mikiogois a free for use software for both private and commercial use. It connects remote desktops and is ideally used for meetings online, web conferencing and sharing and transferring files.

LogMeIn: Team viewer alternative for iPad,iPhone

LogMeIn is a tool that provides remote connection for both computers and the touch screen iPhone and iPad devices. It enables you to transfer sounds, files, print commands and much more. You only have to create your account for your computer or the touch device and you can use it to access any remote device. It is completely free for use.

There are many other Team viewer alternative tools like the ones listed above. Some of more free of use tools are Ultra VNC, CrossLoop, Tight VNC, Remobo, and Gbirdge. There are other team viewer alternatives that are not free for use but are available at very low price than the team viewer. Some of these alternatives are ISL Light, ISL Groop, ISL Online Suite, Radmin, and CoRD. You can use these team viewer alternative softwares for remote desktop controls.

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