Smartphone Operating Systems

by djchamike on September 13, 2012

Smartphone OS

Smartphone users have lesser choices as compare to computer or laptop users when it comes to choose operating systems. When you buy a smartphone you actually bound to use the smartphone operating system that a manufacturer installed. When you start searching a phone you will see most of the reliable phones come either Android or iPhone operating systems.

This supremacy of those two giants Android and iPhone is going to be challenged in the near future as HTC, Baidu, and Mozilla are planning to become the part of this war of smartphone operating systems.

 Mozilla Firefox SmartPhone operating System

Smartphone Operating SystemsMozilla is planning to launch Firefox operating system for smartphones somewhere in 2013. This operating system was developed with the code name Boot and Gecko. The official name of this upcoming operating system is Firefox OS and this system is designed in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

This new system from Mozilla uses the Linux Kernel for a runtime environment which is based on the Gecko HTML rendering engine of Mozilla.

Already many cellular companies announce their support for Firefox OS which will hit the markets in 2013. The first Firefox OS SmartPhone will be the ZTE and TCL Communication Technology (Alcatel One Touch).

The main features of Firefox OS are innovative designs, openness, and providing web surfers more choice to use internet on their smartphones. It is expected that billions of people will use this new operating system in their smartphones when it will be officially launched.

Bada OS another alternative of Google’s Android

Samsung Electronics, the largest manufacturer o smartphones in the world is now developing its own operating system for smartphones with the name of Bada. Samsung is promoting this new operating system as an alternative for Android OS. At the moment Bada is used in some of the Samsung phones but now the company is investing more on it to introduce this new alternative in all their smartphones.

If Samsung will be able to develop a fresh design and appealing software for their Bada OS, it will definitely gives tough time to Android and other operating systems. User friendly interface, multi media friendly features, and speed are few of the key areas where Samsung needs to put their focus.

Baidu Yi OS

Baidu is already working as smartphones operating system and mostly giving tough time to Google as they are competitors in many fields. Baidu Yi is compatible with Android also. Most of the services in Baidu are same as in Google like maps, searches, and some other basic services. In Baidu you can also enjoy cloud services and other built-in Baidu applications.

HP web OS

Smartphone Operating Systems

HP web OS has may not own a large market share but if you use this operating system in your smartphone you will definitely love it. Amazing user interface gives you a completely different experience as user. HP is now focusing its eyes on increasing their market share in this field also. HP has just announced that HP OS becomes open source and join the mainstream smartphones operating systems by the end of this year. 


HTC becomes most demanding handset manufacturer in the world now because o their Android based smartphones. Google has decides to buy Motorola Mobility and starts direct competition with smartphone manufactures like Samsung, HTC, LG, and some other Android based smartphone manufacturers. 

The speculations are increasing that HTC is creating its own smartphones operating system as HTC has recently acquire the mobile software company of Abaxia which is a French based company that is famous for developing home screens of mobile devices and portals.

Smartphone Operating Systems

It is difficult to say that which smartphone operating system will be able to dictate its terms in the future but one thing is very clear that the competition is getting tougher. Another thing which one can sense is the dominance of Android and iPhone is about to end soon.Now answer me, According to you What is best Smartphone Operating System?

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