Samsung Galaxy Beam

by djchamike on October 7, 2012

What is Samsung Galaxy Beam, 1st mobile with a projector

Samsung Galaxy Beam is the newest mobile with the latest technology having a projector and it’s called as Samsung projector. Gone other days projector was a bulky stuff with a great weight and it wasn’t that much portable yet there are portable ones but not smarter like Samsung Galaxy Beam having a projector. Videos, photos were confined only to TVs and that kinda of things. But today it’s completely different due to the sake of mobiles and the it’s same for the projectors today. This is due to the keen competition over the mobile market all over the world and the consumers experience many advance technologies along with these, such as this projector on Samsung Galaxy Beam.

Having being the only mobile, (a bit heavy and thick) available in the market with a projector is 124 mm in height,64.2 mm in width and 12.55mm in thickness with the weight 145 g while Samsung Galaxy Beam’s display is a 4inch.with a 12.55mm thick projector lens and on left side its volume controller. Separated projector key, lock key and a power button are on right side. Android 2.3 alias “Gingerbird” OS, upgradable to Android 4 is running on it powering a 1.0 GHz-dual –core processor, has slow performance on its applications while the RAM being 768 MB and the graphic processor being Mali-400. Connections for USB and charging are available at the bottom of the mobile.

Samsung Galaxy Beam

A HD projector; Samsung Galaxy Beam

Here we are going to talk about its unique feature projector called as DLP(digital light projector).the Samsung projector phone is a solution to tablets, laptops that are we usually use for presentations and it projects up to 2m and it’s a HD display, can be maximized to 50-inches. Amazing thing is Samsung Galaxy Beam is the only pocket friendly mobile having HD projector pocket friendly while there are some pocket friendly projectors. So we find no assistant of a dedicated projector such as OHP for our presentations. Its resolution is 640 x 360 and brightness being 15lumen. This is something embarrassing and of putting. Another negative aspect I have to add is this feature sucks Samsung Galaxy Beam’s battery. Turning on the projector drains the battery in 3 hours completely. I think it’s better to use an extra mobile if you are using Samsung projector phone for projections and I recommend you not to us e this feature if you’re going a trip as it sucks the battery order to prolong its battery life time Samsung Galaxy Beam has a 2000 mAh battery inside. So it’s obvious as the battery has 710 hrs on both 2G and 3G stand by time. You can have talk time about 18 hrs on 2G and 9 hrs on 3G (HSDPA 5.76 and 14.4) and GSM being 850,900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz.

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung Galaxy Beam comprises with an 8GB inbuilt and it can be extended up to 40 GB by adding extra 32 micro SD chip. Even that is also outstanding feature among other mobile that Samsung can lead to a great competition with other manufactures. Samsung projector phone comes with 5MP camera and a front facing camera with 1.3 MP while the back is consists with a flash. Photo features are geo-tagging, panorama, ouch focus and face and smile detection. You can change the type of the shot as we do in other mobiles like night mode, sunlight and so on. The videos by 5MP camera outputs 720 pixels. The mobile supports much kind of audio and video types. The newest feature we find in Samsung Galaxy Beam, the projector can be used to project images and videos on spot as soon as they are captured .so you can share your sweet memories with your colleagues and enjoy.

What I think is to launch Samsung Galaxy Beam with a projector leads the world to peep into new technology and although this can be a great boon for the ones who are anticipating of buying a projector especially this will help the 3rd world countries’ students. They can have the experience the importance of having a projector for their studies and small entrepreneurs for their presentations through Samsung Galaxy Beam as it’s cheaper than other smartphones.

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