PUT.io – Best Torrific Alternative

by djchamike on September 24, 2012

PUT.io – A Torrific Alternative

Due to the policies of SOPA we missed the site;” Torrific.com” we loved .You may be seeking for an online site that have same features like torrific to download files ,So i have this site for you,try this cool Torrific Alternative site called put.io

Torrific Alternative

“PUT.io” a premier option for torrific, downloads torrents, but it’s more than that like an ice berge. It supports Rapidshare links, plays a role as an online backup platform by uploading files from their computer. Those users can download torrent files at a rapid speed to a remote server. When it’s done the files can be downloaded to home PC otherwise playing video files to media player.

 It offers cool features as well as a free package. But you get only 1GB space freely. If you are ambitious of getting more space that you need is to do is just referring your friends about this and any valid referral gives you additional 350 MB free space. This will guide you to have a 3GB space and by doing this you and your friend both can have an additional 350MB space.

Download torrents directly via Put.io is ever simple

Here we start.

  • First what you need is to do is to register on Put.io and then choose free package.
  • To start,just click on “Add new files”
  • After that you can either paste torrent URL or upload the file with .torrent extension.

The service checks the torrent file and its storage requirements on the next page and either the green light will appear to start the transfer or the red light if files to be downloaded would exceed your storage space. What’s missing is an option to select individual files that you want to download from a torrent.

Click on Starting Fetching!

Then the put.io will begin to start downloading the torrent file to put.io server. When it’s done you’ll be redirected to another page.

click on “Go to File”  then supposing the file format is supported  by the site it will be visible to you.Supposing you want to download that file you have to Click on “your Files” tab. Tick on the file you want to download. Then click on “Zip & Download”. Here your torrent downloads starts immediately.

This is how our cool torrific alternative works

Though you can download torrents from this torrific alternate directly

Be quick to download the files before the files are removed (you have 3 days)

  • You can download torrents regardless of bandwidth.
  • Referring to your friends make your space increased.
  • Immediate file transferring to site’s server

You can upload files to their servers from different countries.to store your files so that you can download torrent files directly much faster as this works as torrific alternative. You will be given chances to test the servers’ speed in order to choose what  faster is.

You can download your torrent files from anywhere, without opening the site

You can copy the  the link and then paste it on IDM or browser. then you have to file username and password and subsequently download begins.This is a cool torrific alternative guys, isn’t it?

Put.io works fairly well and offers you lot stuffs like friendly user interface, tools working on third party apps plus you can stream media through your account

From put.io you have the freedom of complete resume capability

This directly torrent files downloading method helps you to share your files with your chums.

Subscribing to RSS feeds will let automatically downloads to your account.

For easy access and fast use there are some chrome extensions.

Is this helpful for you? Or doo you need more similar sites or want to download torrents directly from IDM? If you need more sites like torrfic,zbigz  ,bilet ,PUT.io etc Please refer to my Ultimate Torrent speed up Guide.You can find complete hacks about torrents there!

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djchamike September 25, 2012 at 9:14 am

Feel free to share your ides guys! What you prefer ? #1Torrfic #2 Zbigz #3 Put.io ?

Ansab November 27, 2012 at 10:29 am

Hey, i wonder why people havent commented here yet. I personally used zbigz and it was awesome. I even bought a premum account but it expired and now am bak to free again. I really want to buy a premium subscription but it is just not possible to be done in my area, seeing as they no longer support paypal.

Any ideas?

djchamike November 27, 2012 at 2:01 pm

What is your country? And what site you have premum accoun ? PUT.io oe Zbigz ?

chevy March 29, 2013 at 1:11 pm

hi, can i dowmnload torrents with put.io link with unlimited bandwith? though am using a free account just asking if its possible

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