Nexus vs iPad

by djchamike on August 23, 2012

Comparing Google Nexus vs Apple iPad ?

Nexus vs iPad

Nexus vs iPad a confusing question?  You have to select a tablet and now you are confuse what to choose,either iPad or Nexus. Here is a comparison Nexus vs iPad: One is the iPad and other is affordable and portable.

Nexus vs iPad Design:

iPad wins in terms of design, as it has aluminum rear, while Nexus is  soft touch “leather effect” plastic rear. Nexus has the pattern of little dimples black. The iPad has completely smooth surface. The Google Nexus presents different colored backs and the iPad presents different colored screen bezels.

Nexus vs iPad Portability:

Nexus: one-handed fun, 340g.

iPad: slim, least agile, 652g.

As the slim iPad is much more beautiful but cannot compete the Google Nexus in its portability. As it has friction leather effect so is comfortable in one hand. The Nexus is half the weight than an iPad, so can  used anywhere as in a moving train while standing. The iPad can rest on your knees and you can use it the way, Nexus is much more comfortably be used.

Nexus vs iPad

Nexus vs iPad Storage:

Nexus: 8/16GB internal memory, has no memory card slot.

iPad: 16/32/64GB internal memory, has no memory card slot.

A tablet provides you no memory slot means stuck you with the limited memory. Nexus provides 8-16GB of memory lesser than the iPad which is up to 64GB internal memory which is much more enough.

iPad provides with the compatible camera kit, which also enables you to attach different USB devices. Compared to that Nexus contains micro USB socket, but it’s not setup for USB host functionality. The tablet accepts the keyboard and mice just not other devices.

Nexus vs iPad Screen:

Nexus: 7in, 1,280 x 800 pixels IPS.

iPad: 9.7in, 2,048 x 1,536 pixels IPS.

Google Nexus has a nice screen, with the high-resolution and with the large enough screen to watch TV comfortably. The iPad provides you with the high pixel screen. It Provides retina display that brings you with the sharper image. It comes with the 265 pixels per inch.

Nexus vs iPad

These are some of the features to compare Nexus vs iPad. Both of the devices the are heroes for their media stores. Finding out the winner in comparison of Nexus vs iPad we found that there are many plus and minus points for both. Hence in the comparison of Nexus vs iPad no one is a clear winner.

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