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by djchamike on October 20, 2012

How to speed up IDM ->IDM Optimizer

The most popular download manager, Internet Download Manager now meets its IDM Optimizer for fast download. But sometimes it’s rather lethargic to download through IDM because of its speed. Now we can use IDM Optimizer for really fast download. Actually what happens is by using IDM Optimizer registry entries in IDM will be modified. Therefore the speed of the IDM gets increased.

Most of you guys ask whether we can increase the speed of IDM don’t you?.Yap you really can increase the speed through IDM Optimizer. It happens as this increases the connection speed and maximum number of connections. So the more data can be downloaded within a short period. So let’s see how this happens; just a few things to be done.

Here’s how to increase the speed of IDM

  1. First of all you have to download IDM Optimizer. That is available as a RAR file and after you download it extract it(I think you know how to extract files it’s so simple. Right click on the file you want to extract and select “Extract Files here”)

speed up IDM

  1. Now exit IDM; right click on the IDM icon in the system tray and click Exit unless this won’t work properly.
  2. then open the IDM Optimizer and you will see a window like this.

        speed up IDM

  1. Click on “Maximize Now!” button and another window will appear.
  2. Finally you get it.

speed up IDM

There is another Button “Restore Default”. Supposing you couldn’t get increase the speed at a considerable quantity through IDM Optimizer then if you like click Restore Default to restore previous Registry entries.

Testing new Speed Up IDM Optimizer

Now the time for test if this really works. Indeed this does. Download a file after installing IDM Optimizer. You will see it downloads faster than before as it gains Maximum number of connections. Sometimes this may depend on the bandwidth of the ISP and under some limitations you won’t be able to achieve the speed you want and that can be omitted through this software to download IDM fast. Although this tries to increase the speed of the download as told before it has to undergo some bandwidth limitations and the packages you are dealing with. In case of that kinda problem you can’t hope for a fast download. Unless you don’t meet such kinda problems there’s no doubt that IDM Optimizer makes fast downloads.

One thing additional to say. If you have IDM with a fake serial, never try to update to IDM, If you will get lost, really have to reinstall IDM.So try for IDM Optimizer and have increased your IDM download faster.

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