How to solve Crashing Google Chrome

by djchamike on August 9, 2012

Let’s Stop crashing Google Chrome

As you all experienced  crashing Google Chrome it is a common problem to all Google chrome users.Because of crashing chrome many users have to lose their data,Browsing experience and day-to-day works.Just assume you are chatting with your crush on Facebook,bang here comes the message “whoa chrome has crashed . restart now? ”

crashing Google Chrome

how you feel? yes it is only a chat session ,Lets think beyond that,What happen you are writing article (like me :p ) or updating attachment,email etc?

Okay lets stop crashing Google Chrome forever(hmm forever ?). Most importantly we must know which cause crashing ,Most of the time it crashes because of 3rd party applications.So i made a  list of applications/software what cause the crash

crashing Google Chrome

So how to fix this?

1) first open the web browser and type  “about:conflicts” on address bar.then press ‘enter’

2)Then you can find page like below image.Now you can find what causes crashing Google Chrome.Then you have to remove this from your PC or stop the service.

crashing Google Chrome

What happens If you discover application like IDM (Internet Download Manager) cause this crashing Google Chrome? Yes we can not stop or remove download manager like IDM .So here is the trick we have to disable “Advanced Browser Integration” option in IDM.To do that

1)Go through Downloads->Option in IDM

crashing Google Chrome

Then disable the “Use Advanced Browser Integration” option.So now you are free from Crashing.So keep alarm what application is causing this Crashing when you install/run new application.I recommended you to check your browser weekly and get rid of Crashing Google Chrome.

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