How to increase Adsense CTR and CPC

by djchamike on September 4, 2012

Better maximize your earning with combination of CTR and CPC

After long time I got an idea to make a How To Article and it is about increasing our Adsense CTR and CPC.There are so many articles,tutorials about how to increase type and “How to” articles and I have spent more than enough hours of absorbing /reading those tricks and tweaks (according to them).

Unfortunately I was unable to find good way , Finally I found better way to do it,So i decide to write article about it.It is the easiest way to  increase Adsense CTR and CPC.

How it works?

It is very simple we will analyse our clicks /CTR and avg CPC .Then it is about deciding what Ads-unit and how many Ad unit to show up on our site/blog ! It is not very hard thing to do I guess 😛

I use WordPress as my blogging platform and Google bloggers can use this method too.

#1)First you need to sign-up for StatCounter (Free) and  Set up a project. it will be very easy job. Then follow these  simple steps and you can track and boost your Adsense CTR & CPC  after that B)

Adsense CTR and CPC

#2)After done wait 1-2 days to get some traffic info to the StatCounter .Because we want to track right? Then you can find this ‘Exit Link Activity ’ as shown below.Click it and you can find all the exit link activities from your site and you can have custom time frame for more accurate details.

Adsense CTR and CPC

#3)Now you can find who/when/how many times clicks for your Adsense URL as the picture.

Adsense CTR and CPC

#4) WTF ? How to increase Adsense CTR & CPC from this?

Yes This will be my golden tips for increasing your Adsense CTR with high CPC.Remember High CTR will not the point for good eranings.It is combination of Good CTR and CPC.

Golden Method

a.)First put all type of Ad units and count the highest CTR ad unit.Then remove one and put another,remove two, ad link units etc(Google will let you put 2 links unit with 3 ad units,all five)

after few days you can have good idea about what is the best CTR Ad unit for your site.Again Ad unit will not the 1st priority for high CTR,placement and ad colour will be another factor.Use your common knowledge to limit your testing.find good placement and best ad unit for the correct place.

b.)OK , now  you have the best CTR ad-unit and placement.Then put your best CTR ad unit for the top and limit your ad units and check your earnings.Do some research and you will know it.(more ad unit will be the road to low CPC ,Few will be road to high CPC 😉 )

TIP : first I used all five ad units from Google and then limit to two ad-units.Guess what, I got 300% increase of my Adsense revenue (from fiver clicks ,means low CTR high CPC ) not Clicks or CTR but better Earnings 😉

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djchamike September 4, 2012 at 4:26 pm

Guys,Guys this is working, If You have any Question Leave me a comment! cheers

Satish September 19, 2012 at 9:54 pm

You can check that in Google Adsense Itself 🙂 There is a option called Performance reports… you can find out all the info there. which ad unit has how many clicks and what many are text and image 😉

djchamike September 21, 2012 at 5:41 pm

yes but how you track them if you do not have an Adsense account? (assume you put ads from 3rd party account)
And this is real time

BTW thank for idea Satish 🙂

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