Google Nexus 7 vs ipad 3

by djchamike on August 6, 2012

Google Nexus 7 vs ipad 3 ,Which One is better?

Google Nexus 7 vs ipad 3
Google Nexus 7 vs ipad 3 : Since the dawn of tablet computers Apple has remained on the top. At that time there was no other manufacturer of tablet computers which might compete with apple. But now the situation is totally opposite. Apple is introducing its new technology tablets meanwhile many manufacturing companies have arisen providing customers a long listed variety of tablet computer. Even they all differ in quality but when the question of top rated tablet computers come then Google Nexus is computing the new generation ipad which is usually known as ipad 3 .

Google Nexus 7 is one of the top rated tablet computers which is also liked by many users. It uses one of the best processing software known as Android. Meanwhile when the question comes of Apple’s tablet computer which is also known as ipad and the new third generation ipad is called ipad 3. It uses Apple iOS which do not have any special kind of name but is usually known as iOS.

The main feature of Google Nexus 7 is that it is lightweight, small in size which makes it easy to carry. Meanwhile it has the latest features of Android that is jelly bean. If we compare it with ipad 3 then ipad is larger in size, more in weight. Still ipad 3 has the same specifications which include wifi and 4G enabling user for a better use.

Google Nexus 7 vs ipad 3 : price

No doubt Apple is every time higher in price. That is the reason while comparing ipad 3 with Google Nexus 7, we discover that Nexus is only $200 and if you are getting such a good tablet device which is also ultra-portable. While ipad 3 ranges from $500-$700 with wifi and price difference is due to storage capacity. If you want it with 4G then its price ranges from $620-$820.

If I have to recommend you to buy any of the Tablet device after comparing Google Nexus 7 vs ipad 3 ? Then I will recommend you both but depending on your use. If you love Apple and can spend such money then you must buy ipad 3. But if you use to travel a lot and need a tablet then I will recommend you Google Nexus 7 because it is small and having about the same features as ipad 3. Now it is upon you that which you buy.

If you see this picture then you can easily see that ipad is much bigger in size than Google Nexus 7

 video of comparison, Google Nexus 7 vs ipad 3

Try my Photo gallery : Nexus vs ipad

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