Future Mobile phones and Smartphone Wars

by djchamike on September 26, 2012

Future Mobiles & Smartphone Wars

Future Mobiles

The evolution of the computers desktop to laptop then to handheld computer or smartphone or else PDA; the future mobile. But it’s common to use the word “smartphones”, since that is really a smart gadget. Out of the mobiles using today 18% are smartphones.

The future mobiles won’t be confined just for the communication. It will be an effective media of sharing photos and videos and can be able to connect to internet swiftly and in a more organized way. On the other hand it will be a cool stuff to share large files than we do now. It’s no doubt that smartphones will be consist of multimedia projectors either.

To use a touchscreen we see today in iPhone will be abundant in future mobiles.it will be a main feature to use a relatable slim touchscreen; OLED (organic light emitting diodes) in future smartphones. An OLED has a width between 100-200 nm. Now that those screen are so slim though the screen is subjected to rotation or a rolling nothing will effect on its function.so in the real sense of the word those future mobiles are smartphones.

Here are some designs and features of smartphones you will meet in the future

Future Mobiles

Blue Bee 

This is a mobile interface that can be used in any kind of phone with a touch screen. The hexagons appear on that interface shows every available services in the mobile.

Window phone

This kind of future mobiles which will be made of a perceptive material can get changed its appearance according to the weather condition .for an instance if it’s a rainy day its appearance will just like a window having drops.

Nokia Scentsory

This amazing mobile has a fair smell whose shape is proposed to be a plane made of a paper. But do you believe that you can bend that smartphone like a paper airplane. This future phone gives a unique smell according to the number dialed.

Toshiba Tactility

Toshiba is going to make a mobile for the blinds. This has a keypad on which the Brail number has been embossed.

Wild Fold

This future mobile can be bent into two and then it can be attached to the pocket. This is a production of Samsung and its touch and flexible screen technologies are used. This seems to be a charm phone.

Kumbala phone

This is made of placing two mobile phone circuits between polymer layers. There is a clip that must be pulled to answer a call. Then you have to fix it on the ear then it begins to work as a Bluetooth device. This is a future mobile from Russia.

Ring phone

This is a kind of wearing rings on the thumb; the earphone and the little finger. Then those two are connected by each other by Bluetooth.

LG Atlas

This gives a clear idea that we gonna use projectors in mobiles. This smartphone projects its menu onto the desk. Not only that but also it can identify how the hand is handled there. Something artificial intelligent, isn’t it?

Sometimes you seem to be worry about the electrical consumption because the future mobiles are going to be consisted with many features. The more the features the more the electrical consumption.it is an effective aspect we have to consider besides those Touch screen and flexible screen technology.to have a more power we need to have a developed battery technology. The battery should be smaller and it should last a longer time.in this case “Mobile Script” gives us a real alternative. That is “photo sensitive Nano technology“. This smartphone doesn’t have a battery and it generates its power by that photo sensitive Nano technology. Therefore it can power that not only from the light but also from the warmth. This will lead us to a hybrid mobile technology which will use solar power, an ecofriendly and sustainable energy.

Despite the fact that how smart the phone is it’s essential to have a smart OS. There may be many brands there are only a little differences between those OS.Google Android, Nokia Symbian, Apple iOS , Rim Blackberry, MS windows Mobile,HP web OS and Linux are some of them.to achieve a high portion in future mobile market visual panache, ease of use, capabilities and apps and third party programs must be prominent characters.

There are no doubt future mobiles; smartphones will lead us to a great progression. But those have to give a full satisfaction to its customers if they need to conquer the future mobiles market .speed of the processor, RAM storage, graphical interface, user friendliness, battery life and smart OS will play a breathtaking war in the future smartphone market. But that should be fair and must hold a bearable price for the customer unless it’s easy to understand that though they are at an best level of technology they are failures in future mobile market.

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