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by djchamike on December 8, 2012

Facebook Messenger for Firefox

The new release of Firefox was launched last comes with new features, advanced but pretty cool. The new version is Firefox 17.0.a new rocking feature comes with that is “Social API”. This feature enables the accessibility to social networks without opening the particular social network. Social API adds social network buttons and sidebars to Firefox you guys can message and have chats with your friends without login to your social network. Also you can get notifications and messages easily.

Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Up to now it supports only for Facebook. But Mozilla says that they are going to add this feature for other social networks also.

How to Enable Facebook Messenger for Firefox

To enable that facility first go to Firefox browser and open this link.

Now click on “Turn On” button in green color.

Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Why Firefox Social API?

I think this will be more demanded as users can see the updates and notifications without logging to Facebook and hence we can continue our tasks without getting any log in to social networks. On the other hand the inability to use this feature with other networks should be done very quickly. As we know the “torch” browser is also giving this facility to its clients. If Firefox is lagging behind this then it would be a defeat for Firefox definitely.It’s the new trend to have inbuilt social network supports for web browsers. So this is coming with Firefox new version.

Features in Facebook Messenger for Firefox

When you click on a friend’s name on the chat side bar then you send a message to friend.

If you think that someone will see on side bar then you can hide it by click on the button on top right corner on Firefox new release and select show sidebar. This won’t take you log out. To do so you must click on  menu bottom right corner and click log out.

The same privacy settings you have used in Facebook will apply on the messenger for Firefox.So now you can download Firefox 17.0 version and have Facebook messenger for Firefox with it.

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