FIrefox’s “private” browsing , make you anonymous!

by djchamike on August 14, 2012

Firefox Private Browsing

Firefox Private Browsing

While browsing the internet sometimes you wish that the browsing history is not stored in your browser and at the service provider’s side. Firefox private browsing mode lets you perform this action. Firefox private browsing is the safe way to browse the internet without having the need to delete your browsing history. Earlier Firefox private browsing did not have the facility to restore the earlier sessions that were running on the browser. But now Firefox private browsing allows you to switch between private mode and normal mode easily, and after every Firefox private browsing session the older tabs, windows and other sessions will be restored.

Like Firefox private browsing Google and Opera also control the private browsing in the same way. Firefox private browsing mode spawns a new window and does not affect the older windows at the browser. Private browsing can only be opened in window at a time. The developer SÖren Hentzschel found a solution to the problem: to start Firefox private browsing in new window you need to have a different profile. Having a new profile will allow you the Firefox private browsing in new window and keep the original Firefox window as it is. The extension Private Browsing Windows is used in the Firefox browser to bypass this restriction for Firefox private browsing.  This extension uses the default profile automatically if you have not generated a new profile.

To create a new profile there is an option in the Firefox selection menu. The functionality of the extension is controlled by an icon present at the Firefox add-on bar. The users that are working with the Firefox private browsing using the extension and new profile need to know that they have to close the windows in an order so that they may not have problem while loading the wrong profile next time. This extension is merely useful for users that work with Firefox private browsing most of the time.

The Firefox team held a survey and published a metrics about how many people use the Firefox private browsing and at what times during the day. Research team did not record the browsing history of the users; they only overlooked for the time at which they started the Firefox private browsing session and the time at which they closed using it. Calculating these timings they found four-time peak. Each peak was the time at which most of the users used Firefox private browsing. The initial peak was found at the lunch time, another was around the time when the employed people get to their homes nearly 5:00PM. Third one was at night around 10:00PM and the last one was the least time peak at the midnight.

The lunch time peak indicates that the IT workers mostly use Firefox private browsing to secure their non-work browsing information and browsing history. Reason for the mid night peaks can be assessed suitably. The maximum run time of the Firefox private browsing session was calculated to be 20 min, and the least time was 4 minutes.

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