Download Torrents with Boxopus ,Boxopus Working again!

by djchamike on July 13, 2012

Download Torrents with Boxopus ,Boxopus Working again!

Good news! Boxopus Working again! As i mentioned in my previous article Downloading torrents directly from dropbox is becoming true.But You know what happened.suddenly Boxopus working again! I just registered using my twitter account and just add a torrent file to Dropbox.Not like earlier time,I will give you some screenshots from Boxopus.You can see it is working this time.Downloading Torrents with IDM.


Just loaded with torrent file

Ok here we go,just Loaded with torrent file!


After adding torrent file

So Ready to download right? Hmm,As they say,It is not going to Dropbox,But for their server.Yes ,same  as torrific do,Real torrific alternative 😀



Finally,I’m downloading torrent with  Boxopus.Here it is!


402KB/sec , no Resume support!

402KB/sec   ,Still no Resume support! hmm,,,Yes it is downloading around this speed,Hope you can get better speeds.(I have 5MB Line)S

o finally ,without Dropbox,Boxopus is  Working again and Downloading torrents Directly from your favorite download manager ,IDM  Fell free to join the discussion !

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Goory July 13, 2012 at 4:53 am

Thank you,work like a charm!

I'm getting 1900 KB/sec :D,,, hell yeah

djchamike July 13, 2012 at 4:57 am

Thank you Goory! it is good to Know that is is going beyond my speed!

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