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by djchamike on October 20, 2012

Torrents Speed up Part #3 DIV

We all are rushing on download Torrents with very high speed as it gives us great thrill and it saves our time. On the other hand we can save the amount of data we have to surf as method of download Torrents with very high-speed is really fast than any other methods. Most of the time our connections are being bandwidths of 60 Kbps, 300 Kbps and sometimes 4 mbps. But we can’t be satisfied with those as it’s abundant to have connections about 15 kbps, 10 kbps, 20 kbps when downloading are undergoing. So I thought to present you this post(check my pervious) on how to download Torrents with very high speed.

Avoid leeches as much as possible :#1 torrents speed up trick

This is due to the following reasons.

  • The first thing is to be so is not having enough seeders.
  • More Downloading due to the popularity of the particular file at that time.
  • Leeches (they are the users who close the client software used for torrent downloading after downloading. Because of that other users have to spend a lot time for downloading the Torrent file and sometimes the users who has downloaded file incomplete works as leeches)

Always go for a Torrent with more Seeders for download Torrents With Very High Speed

But if we are surrounded by more seeders we can have download Torrents With Very High Speed. Seeders download the files they want like leeches but they don’t exit the client software they used and let others to download the file. It’s no doubt that you know about Trackers isn’t it? They are the servers that gives the seeders and peers to our client software for download Torrents with very high speed of the file we are downlaoding.Subsequently our software; downloading torrents connects with seeds and starts downloading.

More Trackers, Faster download speed

Torrents we download have their own tracker URL. in that case the seeders and peers it has may show less speed. To avoid that we have to add more trackers such that we can have more seeders and peers for a download Torrents with very high-speed.

How to add Trackers

  • Click on the torrent file being downloaded.
  • Copy the code showing in the hash that shows under “General” tab to download Torrents with very high speed.( this differs from Torrent file to Torrent file. No similar torrent Hashes can be found)

torrents speed up

  • Paste that code in Google and search for it.

torrents speed up

(what really happens is searching for torrents having an equal hash that of the file downloading; in other words we find Trackers having the very Torrent file we download)

  • Then you will meet similar Torrent and Download it by selecting “Open with” to download Torrents with very high speed

torrents speed up


  • At last a message will appear asking to add trackers for the torrent and click “Yes.

torrents speed up

to turn on Firewall on torrent also makes our download Torrents With Very High Speed slow. So the Firewall settings must be configured manually such that it lets Torrent to be accepted That’s to say to accept connections through Firewall by marking it in the “Allowed List” in the Firewall.

Turn on Firewall connections for download Torrents with very high speed

  1. Go to Options
  2. Then Preferences.
  3. Tick “Add (you client software) to WIndows Firewall”.

Or you can let exceptions for the client software in the Firewall. Remember not to Off the Firewall as it clearly leads your computer to face an attack.

So there’s no doubt that you guys will really like this post as this helps you to have download Torrents with very high speed.

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