BitTorrent Client for iPad, Torrents from iPad

by djchamike on February 1, 2013

BitTorrent Client for iPad,download torrents from iPad

There was no App available at the Apple’s App store to download torrents from iPad like any BitTorrent client. Apple App store doesn’t allow any BitTorrent client to download torrents from iPad itself. But Cydia, another independent App store, tweaked an Application known as iTransmission that is capable of downloading torrents from iPad and allows you to manage all iPad torrents. The available version of iTransmisson is compatible with previous versions of iOs and was not compatible for iOS 5. The iOS 5 developer named iOSHomebrew launched a new version iTransmission 2 which is fully compatible on iOS 5 and later versions for downloading iPad torrents and managing the torrents from iPad on iOS 5.

It seems silly to download huge files as torrents on iPhone or iPad torrents. The torrents from iPad or iPhone are generally thought to be small iPad torrents files like music – when you actually don’t have your computer to import, download and sync with iTunes. To install iTransmission App for managing iPad torrents or downloading torrents from iPad or iPhone you will have to get it from Cydia, and it also requires downloading the .ipa file Google source page and get it installed manually.

To install it you will need to have Installous from the Cydia Apps repository ( After installing, download the IPA file of iTransmission from your PC. Open it with iTunes and it will get synchronized with you device like a regular App installed from the App store. Its working is similar to most of the other torrent clients.

For downloading torrents from iPad just find the iPad torrent from the internet, and then copy the link location to the .torrent file or copy the magnet link of the torrent, and add it to the plus sign present in the iTransmission iPad torrents downloader. It will now download the iPhone or iPad torrents, and you can retrieve those iPad torrents later with the help of any iFile. With the help of iTransmission you can manage torrents from iPad just like any desktop BitTorrent client; you can manage and set speed limits, forwarding ports automatically, and set limit to the number people who can connect you. It also provides you the ability to switch a web page on or off. It allows you to decide whether to download iPad torrents from iPad over Wi-Fi or cellular data network, or a 3G network (it is set to Wi-Fi by default).

iTransmission is capable of providing all the functionality that is being provided by any desktop torrent client to manage iPad torrents from iPad. Some of the functions provided by iTransmission are:

  • Toggling the web pages on or off
  • Set up your network to download torrents from iPad over Wi-Fi network, cellular network, or both

It is generally thought that downloading torrents from iPad with iTransmission is illegal as it is not allowed for iPad torrents on Apple’s App store. But, there is no other way by far for the users to download torrent for ipad itself.

Update :- Check the latest iTransmission 4 for iOS 7.

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