How to use Odin?

by Adriana on January 22, 2020

Odin is the famed third-party application for Samsung Android users to flash their devices. It is known as the application that supports upgrade and downgrade the device. But now, users can bring root permission as well in a stable method using recommended tactics. However, at this moment, Odin download is the tool and that supports users to upgrade/downgrade, resolve system issues, unbrick, unroot and root whatever compatible handset in a proper manner. How to use Odin? Odin download cannot support any other device model as it is known as the official application of Samsung Smartphone and Tablet running Android operating system. You can download the latest version 3.13.1, on Mac or Windows and flash your device and resolve the issue or else just renew the OS.


Odin for Samsung Android

There are several special tools released by XDA developers for various brands of Smartphone and Tablet. Therefore, Odin is one of those and that specifically addressed Samsung Android devices. Odin has a couple of special features that users should consider before going through. Compile a tar type ROM or a kernel is important for zip is a format that Odin cannot support though we mostly encounter files in zip format. Those who wish to flash stock ROM can find out related ROMs from the official website of Samsung. If it is about custom firmware, you should find out a safe and reliable source to download them.

The latest version of Odin

It is Odin v3.13.1 as the most recent release of Odin with several remarkable updates. This is the first version that compatible to set up on both Windows and Mac platforms. Using this version, users can go through ROM packages based on Android Oreo 8.0. And this is the announced official release for Samsung Galaxy S8 and higher devices.

As usual, this too available as a free package that only supports tar based firmware kits. And remember that not any other version can arrange on a Mac machine while this is the only one. I hope there will be a new version as soon as possible for this too was a version released on 2018.

Complete guide to flash stock ROM


  • Prepare a Macintosh or Windows machine and a properly connectable USB cable
  • Backup important data or remove the memory chip
  • Download Odin latest version or a suitable version of the tool. The latest version is version 3.13.1
  • Put the Smartphone into download mode
  • Download an applicable ROM file
  • Install Samsung USB drivers to the computer

How to flash?

  • Use the cable and connect the handset to the arranged machine
  • Run Odin as administrator
  • When the user interface will launch, check if there is a special note to make sure that the device has been connected
  • When it will detect, extract the ROM file and save respective files on your desktop
  • Click AP button on the interface and bring the tar based ROM file there
  • When everything arranged properly, click the Start button
  • The entire operation will take around 10 minutes
  • A reboot within a couple of minutes will bring everything to a perfect end
  • The PASS! note will display on the top left corner of the UI behind every successful operation
  • If the note seems to be RESET! remember that it means you are fail


Troubleshooting tips

  • It is important to compile a proper USB cable and a proper machine
  • Remember to check whether USB ports are working
  • Make sure that the Odin version you download compatible with your device model and the ROM version
  • Whatever ROM or Kernel should be a tar based file. If it is a zip file, you cannot use it through Odin tool
  • Sometimes the computer will not be able to detect the connected device if you could not install drivers. It will be an issue if the drivers package is an older version. Thus, make sure that you downloaded the latest version of drivers
  • When the process fails, you have to restart the computer, install drivers again and try again

Wrapping up

If you need to upgrade or downgrade your device firmware or else just renew the system, this will be the best way to. Moreover, Odin is the tool that capable to support you in serious situations such as unroot the system or unbrick. If it is about having a device with root permission, the same download Odin tool will help you to swiftly change the normal OS into root. Those who wish to complete those conditions that the latest version brought can use it and go through it or else find out the most suitable version from the current Odin versions list. Experts say that we will be able to encounter a new version in the near future for there are a couple of new things to be added.

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