Complete guide to iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak

by Adriana on December 20, 2019

Before the end of 2019, we could proudly collect a jailbreak that will support us to break a couple of versions of the 13th iPhone operating system. And now, we are here today with a brief direction to iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak. Although we have iOS 13.3 as the most recent release of the OS, there is nothing we can note about its jailbreak possibility. But we hope things will change soon in the nearly future. Thanks to Luca Todesco and his brave team behind the project Checkra1n, versions up to 13.2.3 are breakable using respective updates of the utility. Here is how to break the wall using Checkra1n and collect Cydia on your beloved handset.

ios 13.2.3 jailbreak

iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak guide


  • It is better to check the iDevice to be a compatible one with A5 to A11. If it is an iPhone XR or XS, you cannot go thro0ugh the procedure at all
  • Prepare a machine running Windows or Mac OS X
  • Set up the latest version of iTunes to the arranged machine
  • Download Checkra1n jailbreak tool with its latest version

How to iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak?

  • Use a proper cable and connect the iDevice to the computer
  • Right click on the Checkra1n icon and select Open
  • Stay for the detection
  • And then tap Start > Next buttons respectively
  • Put the handset into DFU mode with given instructions
  • Important: Those who will fail to put the device into DFU mode will have to go through Checkra1n app a couple of times till getting into the mode accurately
  • The iPhone or iPad will restart and will display the jailbreak app icon on your Home
  • Launch the new loader screen by run the certain application
  • And then you can select and set up Cydia with the respective app
  • The handset should respring with the installation of Cydia. And even Cydia icon will display next to Checkra1n app

ios 13.2.3 jailbreak

Final words

We are the end of the step guide. You better go through the guide a few times and then arrange things to jailbreak the device. With the checkra1n tool, you cannot break devices without A5 to A11. Therefore, it is a pity since those who are with unbreakable devices cannot go through this method. But we hope to collect a new tool as soon as possible that covers all devices running iOS 13 to iOS 13.2.3. And even for 13.3 as well stand there to encounter very own breakout, there should be a new direction as soon as possible.

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