Install Whatsapp ++ without jailbreak

by Adriana on August 21, 2018

Here is a great report for users those who need to gain Whatsapp ++ on their iPhone, iPod or iPad. Do not worry if you are a non-jailbreak user since this is completely free from jailbreak permission. Thanks to dedicated Cydia Impactor application, we can use the IPA based file of any application to set up them to the device system. However, here is how to install Whatsapp ++ devoid of any trouble simply use its IPA availability. Are you ready to establish the app? Here is a simple step guide for anyone to start using the tool with more and more interesting features.

install whatsapp ++

Why is it important to install Whatsapp++?

Those who like to customize their Whatsapp chat app better check out these uses comes with its IPA installation. The best is you do not need to be a jailbreak user at all.

  • Unlike the formal third-party app, Whatsapp++ capable to hide last seen/online of your account
  • Do some special movements’ per-contacts such as put out of action “Read receipts”
  • Customize the user interface of the app and even the appearance as well
  • You can arrange a large profile picture
  • Do not let others know when the messaged delivered. So simply disable the delivery report
  • Share limitless files and media through
  • Send music tracks
  • Just tap once on the record button and start record without a long press as usual
  • Moreover, you can use the Touch ID or a passcode either to lock the app completely

How to install Whatsapp ++?

install whatsapp ++

  • If there you have the formal Whatsapp app with your iDevice, it should remove to establish the newest application
  • Search the web for both Whatsapp ++ and Cydia impactor files with your computer. The machine does not matter to compile even Windows, Mac or Linux
  • And then use a lightning cable or a USB cable right away to connect the iDevice and the PC
  • Now launch the Cydia impactor interface
  • Get the respective IPA file and drop on its interface
  • Once the file will accept, you will ask to put forward password and the username
  • So those logins will accept by the tool and will start to sideload the file
  • The app will install
  • Now you should go to the Settings panel and then to General > Profiles/Device Management? Profiles & Device Management
  • Once you enter there, use the Trust key to continue
  • And then you are capable to return to the Home screen and open the application

It is great as you can start using Whatsapp ++ from now with several features. To enter settings of the utility, turn to the Settings > Whatsapp ++ Settings” respectively.

Important facts to remember

The most important part that we should note here is that the implement you installed will expire once a week. Therefore, you have to use the same files above weekly to reset the application. If not, you will have to face crashes, errors and further issues.

Moreover, the compatibility of Cydia impactor package with your device iOS version should confirm first before start function.

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