Samsung Odin 3.12.3 – Latest flash tool for Samsung devices

by Adriana on September 13, 2016

Odin is a Windows based tool for Samsung Smartphone and Tabs. It potential of ROM flash, Root and work out some other specific software related issues as well. Odin recently released its version 3.12.3 this year, facilitating many functions and fixing issues. The recent update of Samsung Odin 3.12.3 can also work with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge additionally. And it is suggested for whichever Samsung smart device with respective guidelines.

By the way, Odin download can make out tar.md5, tar and bin file types only. It is especial for those newest devices when you need to make them root or flash. It is because Odin is the only application that already having the root contact and custom recovery.

Through this guide, you can flash Samsung Galaxy S7 with Odin 3.12.3.


Samsung Odin application

Samsung Odin download is unique when we compare it with other Android applications. While it mainly brings about the flash procedures, it also has the compatibility of use with CF auto root for rooting purposes. Since it developed as a tool that always grasps main necessities such as custom recovery and root, experts advise this for perfect root applications in addition.

Anyhow, Odin 3.12.3 can only lead throughout Windows computers which essentially asked to be installed Samsung drivers. It supports to identify your device when it gets connected to the PC.

By the way, mainly there are different forms of ROMs that can only apply for recommended devices. Also, you have to refer certain step guides for a flourishing Odin application.

odin 3.12.3

Manual guide – Odin 3.12.3 for Galaxy S7

Get organized for the procedure

  1. It is obligatory of backup your device depository as this rule takes out wholly memory during the function
  2. Download Samsung drivers and place with your Windows computer
  3. Turn the device for its “About device” sector and confirm device model number. Search Sammobile web and download a compatible ROM package
  4. Unzip just after the download and save to the desktop. The extract must in bin, tar.md5 or tar types
  5.  Download Odin 3.12.3 and unzip the folder

Download link – Odin 3.12.3


Video guide

Set up the procedure

  • Unfold the Odin tool effectively using administrator partiality (Right click the exe title and pick the preference)
  • And after that hook up a USB code to the PC
  • Power off the Galaxy S7 and apply with the download mode
  1. Press Volume downward key
  2. Press Home key and also connect with Power button as well continually
  3. It must not appear a warning alert. If you will get any of that, slowly press the Volume up key and adjust the mode


  • When you perfectly arranged the download mode, connect the device to the USB code you connected formerly
  • You will see the react when the device get identified as Added with messages cage
  • Start preparing the procedure. With the downloading sector, click the button stand as AP. And draw the tar /ROM file that extracted
  • While you go through each step, you will see all in detail with the messages box
  • Refer the UI whether you filled all. Except the F.Reset Time and Auto reboot options others must unchecked as shown


  • Press the Start key
  • Pass alert will display in the UI (Also, you will see Fail alert as well at the same place of the UI)


  • Device has to spring with a reboot to end the entire


  • If you are unable to move for a proper download mode, use the video clip given

  • You must make sure not to apply any other application even with the PC while Odin turns up its flash process
  • The exe file is always asked to run via administrator option
  • Failure results can safely remove the device from the PC and get its battery too out from and fix back after few seconds. Escape from the process either initiates the first step again

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