Important Tips To Increase Torrent Download Speed

by djchamike on June 2, 2012

How To Increase Torrent Download Speed

Increase Torrent Download Speed
  • Torrents ?

Now a Days Bit Torrent is one of the most efficient ways to transfer files of any size from one Computer to another in efficient manner. The main reason why Bit Torrent is so famous is that it splits big files into smaller files before transferring them, in this way it increase torrent download speed. Even if your bandwidth connection is low still Bit Torrent can be very helpful. Some of the most important ways to increase torrent download speed are

  • First and the Foremost is Your ISP
To Manage or to increase torrent download speed you need to start with your ISP .When you are trying to download a file, try to select the maximum speed which is available for downloading and same for uploading the Data. Download and Uploading Bandwidth Limits are always set by ISP’S. To check your Bandwidth speed you can easily find Bandwidth Speed Testers on the web which is free of cost. One of them is

Increase Torrent Download Speed
  • Bit Torrent Client should be the Right One
Now days there are around 50 Bit Torrent clients which are supporting Bit Torrent Protocol. Some of the good Clients which one should select are: UTorrent , Bit Torrent , KTorrent (For Linux.) . Right Client will help you to increase torrent download speed as most of the users try to use good Torrent Clients. There are some Clients which are not much Popular , using these kinds of Clients leads to Poor Speed and files available on unpopular clients are also very limited.
Increase Torrent Download Speed
  • Go for Torrents with Good Health Seeds
Now we need to understand three different terms which are used in Bit Torrent , Peer is a Computer which is Uploading as well as Downloading the Data .Computer which is having the complete data of the File and is sharing on Torrent is known as Seed . Computer which doesn’t have the complete data of the File but will get once the download is complete in know as Leecher. Now if you want to increase torrent download speed you need to use that file which is having the healthiest and the most seeds and minimum number of leechers before you start downloading the file.
Increase Torrent Download Speed
  • Check your Firewalls

Now sometimes Firewalls which you are using in your computer might block BitTorrent Connections. Now if you want to resolve this problem you need to manually configured firewalls that it should accept all connections from BitTorrent, it will also help you to increase torrent download speed. But You need to remember one thing that never disable to complete firewalls completely as in that case Viruses can easily attack you computer.

Increase Torrent Download Speed
  • Upload Rate should be Limited

Try to set the Upload speed of Torrents Download to minimum as this will increase torrent download speed. First of all you need to check what is your maximum upload speed of your Torrent Client and try to set it 80% of the maximum Upload speed which you got. One more option which you have over here is to try to keep upload speed at maximum in starting and as download progress reduce it gradually.

Increase Torrent Download Speed
  • Different Ports

Now the Default port numbers which Bit Torrent uses are 6881-6999. ISP’S tries to restrict these Port numbers so that downloading speed should not go high as they know torrents consume a lot of Bandwidth. You can easily change your Port number in your client and a port number above 10000 can help you to increase torrent download speed. Some of the Torrent Clients use Random Ports Numbers at the time of start, if you will disable this features it will increase torrent download speed.

Increase Torrent Download Speed
  • Remove Unwanted Files

Some times while downloading you end up with download unwanted files. Most of the Clients allow us to view the Files before download , so it is better to view the file first and unchecked the files which you don’t want to download. The more you get familiar with all the settings of your Torrent Client the more increase torrent download speed you can get.

Increase Torrent Download Speed
  • Conclusion

There are a lot of Techniques which can help you out to increase torrent download speed and make your Downloading experience more joyful.This is few tweaks to increse torrent download speed, You can try my 1st post about tweaking torrent speed with more technical way!

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