Wear your mouse , “3D Ion Mouse”

by djchamike on May 12, 2012

“Wear your mouse: 3D Ion Wireless Mouse”

Tired with all the wired stuffs? Have you ever wanted to watch a movie on your desktop or laptop from afar, yet get hassled if you want to use the mouse? Have you ever wanted to engross yourself into action while playing your favorite game on your computer, yet get frustrated with all the clicking and dragging with your mouse? Or simply, have you ever wanted to control your computer from a distance, yet cannot be done? Well, be troubled no more, for here is now the newly invented gadget by Bellco specialists. The Bellco 3D Ion Wireless Mouse allows you to control your personal computer up to 35 feet or 10 meters.

This is the kind of mouse pointer that you can actually wear like a hand glove where your hand becomes, literally, the mouse. The movements of your hand are transformed into a cursor in so much as the points are properly arranged and fitted into your hands, which is, by the way, not hard to do.
There is no need for special software to make this insane gadget work. A USB module is available to be plugged in your computer and just simply strap the wearable hand glove mouse into your hand and you are ready to go. This gadget is conveniently compatible not only with Windows but also with Mac, Android, and Linux. Unlike your traditional mouse, there is no need for a table to work on with this gadget. You can simply move your hand in the air while engrossing yourself to a game or immersing yourself into a movie with your back lying in your bed while your PC is at your desk.

Your index finger will serve as the control corresponding to the mouse button. This also comes with a pause button that temporarily breaks the manipulation of the mouse while not in use.

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