Torrific alternative ,More likely Torrific “bitlet”

by djchamike on May 25, 2012

Torrific alternative ,Java powered Bitlet

I notice that many of you interested about my  torrific alternative, so i made a another Simple article about another torrific alternative, another different  torrific same as service it is BitLet.

This BitTorrent client is a web-based and uses Java. You can just start the service,you do not need to sign up an account .You can add Torrent in two ways, first as a web URL and the second through the local PC system . You can just copy and paste in URLs like torrific, or click/select torrent from your system.( )

With one single click will open a torrent Download window.It will displays information about torrent download status.You will be prompted to choose a destination/download directory for files, everything else handled automatically afterwards. Once completed, you can keep that torrent open if you like to seed, or close that window to close all connections.

BitLet is not completely identical like Torrific since torrific first download the files ,and then made available as http downloads to you.
Those who missed my previous article about  Torrific alternative you can find it here
Just go to and try their service

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