How to use Google chrome for private browsing?

by djchamike on May 20, 2012

How to use Google chrome for private browsing?

Are you looking for the option to do some private browsing? You don’t need to worry now because Google chrome has come up with the solution of private browsing for the users. It is simple to use and easy to manage. The private browsing mode of Google chrome is known as Incognito mode. Your system won’t record any kind of browsing history and all the recent cookies will get deleted on closure of incognito window.

Every user of the Google chrome can easily open this window by simply clicking the new incognito window in the chrome option menu. You can also operate the Google chrome to work as anonymous. This can be done by creating an alias on desktop launcher. You can do this by dragging the icon of chrome from the start menu. 

Select the properties from the icon and change the command which is needed to open chrome. Add the word incognito in the command where chrome.exe is written. After doing this click on the apply button and all the changes will get applied.

You can also change the name of file and convert it to “incognito”. This method will help you to start the incognito window from the start. It can be best for those people who want browsing with little privacy. After this process incognito window is just a simple click away from you. Get these settings done on your chrome browser to attain private browsing without any fear of getting the history in your operating system.

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