How to get paid android applications for free?

by djchamike on May 20, 2012

How to get paid android applications for free? 

Android and iOS are the latest cellular operating systems in market. Android is better than iOS because it provides you with many applications to download for free. However there are still some applications of Android that are paid. You can get these applications for free by using some tactics. For example if you are thinking to download Launcher Pro Ex to beautify your skin then you may have to pay for it. This application can be downloaded by installing Applanet in your android system and then getting the cracked version of the paid softwares. This application is annoying and time wasting as many of the cracked files would not work.

There is a simple system for getting the paid android applications for free by file sharing technique. Go to the website and in search bar type the name of application along with .apk extension. Download the version of desired application on your desktop. After that transfer the file to your android phone and keep in mind the location of file in phone.keep in mind the location of file in phone. 

 You can now click the file explorer in your phone like Astro to reach the location of desired application in your phone. Install the application by simply clicking on it and enjoy the fun of using paid android applications for free. Always remember that using paid android applications for free may cause your system to get slow in some cases so it is better to go for the paid version instead of using the free cracked versions. 

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