BlackeBerry 10 Alpha – Will it meet the consumers’ expectation?

by djchamike on May 6, 2012

“BlackeBerry 10 Alpha”

BlackBerry 10 is about to be released and everyone is looking at this new device to come to the market. However Research in Motion, the producer of BlacBerry has asked developers from many areas to test this phone and have talked about the salient features it will have.

The developers seem to like the features, however, they want to get more from RIM. The most frustrating part for the developers was that most of the prevailing stuffs such as the DevAlpha device, or the camera using time shifting technique or the onscreen keyboard predicting the typing are not yet available for the developers to use.

The most liked feature about BlackBerry 10 was the flow that allowed the developers to run all the background applications at the same time without pausing anything.

If you are a Black berry developer or a user eager to get this new device, check the video for more information.

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